August Was…

September 3, 2014


Creative and inspiring adventures like the art museum.

Beautiful sunsets and ample balcony time (I so love my balcony).

Getting back to the gym and my favorite routines.

Hot tea on crisp mornings and iced tea with new mastermind friends.

Loads of insightful and inspiring reads while cozying up with my guys.

Delicious vegan kabobs handmade with love for me.

Several trips to beautiful Bouldershe’s courting me and I’m loving it.

Homemade avocado chickpea mash and stuffed sweet potatoes!

Managing to carry my body six miles without stopping, twice.

Getting to pick up my bestie from the airport for a weekend of fun!

This, and getting to introduce old friends to new in beautiful Boulder.

Mountain goats while visiting the top of Mt. Evans. Absolutely amazing sites!

Checking the fantastic and amazing Casa Bonita off my bucket list.

Beautiful flowers, foggy mornings, and loads of yummy hot tea.

Work at beautiful lunch spots on a super exciting new offering!

Pretty Piggy nails, last melons of the season, baby blossoms on my plants.

Life changing books. And this one (I mean, LIFE CHANGING).

Sunflowers, Thai massages, and late nights working with my guys.

Hugely transformational aha moments.

New beginnings and much needed fresh perspectives.

New, inspiring friends who challenge me.

Growth on so many levels.

Enthusiasm for the changes to come (in season and self).

Love. So much love.

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