A Look at What’s Shifting and Changing Around Here

November 4, 2021

About six weeks ago, I slammed into a wall I could never have seen coming.

The events that led up to that moment were small, relatively subtle, and not particularly special or significant.

Yet, they still built to this point of no return.

A point where I literally threw my hands in the air and said, “I’m done.”

And, let me tell you, I’m unbelievably grateful for that moment.

In that moment, I knew I had to stop everything and find a new way forward.

I unscheduled all the posts we had lined up, killed my daily Awesome Life Tips email list, and stopped distributing or posting on every channel. I went dark to the point that people started messaging me to make sure I was still alive. 😅

I’ve been very intentionally raising my self-worth this year, something I shared a lot about this summer.

I’ve seen so many beautiful reflections of these efforts in my life and relationships, but I didn’t expect the impact it would have around my work. This moment was such a pivotal realization for me that it’s getting its own chapter in my next book (I promise, it’s a great one; it’s just too much for me to explain here!)

The short is:

I was forced to face the ways I was still showing up from a place of low self-worth in my work that resulted in creating professional relationships with people in a very similar way to my romantic relationships.

Not just with some clients or offerings, but with my content and audience as well.

It was a big piece of why I stepped away from social media back in August; I just hadn’t fully unraveled all there was to see, understand, and unpack yet.

I paused and didn’t do anything until I understood how to approach my work, content, offerings, and audience building in a new way.

A way that reflects my own sense of high self-work and values what I create.

I’m really clear on that path now and unbelievably excited about it.

Here are some key things I want to share in this update:

I’ll be returning to social media in a new way.

A way that really honors me, my life and relationships, and my energy. One big thing I realized is how much I’ve been splaying myself out for other people to consume. While it’s been truly beneficial for many (and for me at different times), it no longer feels aligned. I’ll be sharing peeks into my world, but in a different capacity, keeping many things close to my heart and for my inner circle and me.

I’ll still share free content, but it’ll be less centered around me.

I’ll still be in it, of course. I’ll still be writing it all and sharing my lessons as it makes sense. But one of the biggest focuses going forward is growing us into the media company I envision and becoming a leader (and massive disrupter) in the life purpose industry. That means our content will cover more conversations about what it really takes to break free and live our purpose in this life rather than directly following my life and lessons as they unfold. I’ll still share what I’m learning, but in a new and different way, and with a completely different pacing.

I’ll be releasing a whole new suite of products in our upcoming shop launch.

I’m the most excited about this piece. After many conversations with my trusted, brilliant friends, I realized how I want to offer my best content, lessons, trainings, and processes. We’re already in progress on moving our programs into workbooks so that they’re tangible and more accessible, but we’ll also be releasing a whole new collection of books. These books will be short, content-rich, highly-targeted conversations on the most important topics to you. Conversations about healing and growth, doing the impossible, living your purpose, building a brand and business, relationships, and more. Additionally, because acupressure has been such a pivotal tool for my healing (and my clients), we’ll be producing AcuSesh albums on the issues you need the most support with. These books, workbooks, albums (and more!) will all be affordable and accessible for everyone.

There’s a lot more shifting and changing around here, but I’ll stop there for now.

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