What to do If You Don’t Have a Business Idea

January 12, 2022

You’ve always dreamed of building your own business, and you know you’ve got what it takes to succeed if your heart’s in it.

You’ve been itching to get started for a while now…

It’s just that one thing’s missing: the winning idea that’s going to make your entrepreneurship (and freedom-based lifestyle) dreams come true.

Actually, as counterintuitive as it may seem, coming up with the right idea isn’t always something that just happens. Often, there’s some work involved upfront, especially if you’ve been going back and forth on several different things.

Looking for clarity?

Here are three steps you can take if you don’t have a clear or solid idea but want to build your own business!

1. Ask friends and family about your superpower.

Sometimes it’s hard to see our superpowers.

Think about it this way: when people come to you for advice, what’s the common theme? What’s the pattern here? What’s the thing you do well, yet easily?

For instance, perhaps you’re the one who knows how to make resumes look and sound extra special; you’re the go-to tech person that can easily learn and set up any software or system; or you’re the spreadsheet master! Maybe you take beautiful portraits of friends and family when they ask; or you love putting together flyers for your friend’s events; or you’re great at giving relationship advice.

It doesn’t really matter what those superpowers are; it’s all about shining light on the things you excel at doing (aka, the problems you manage to solve), and even enjoy, but take for granted. Your big idea may be hiding right there.

2. Determine your Zone of Genius.

We’re often led to believe that our big breakthrough in the business world has to be something we have a background in. But the truth is, we often spend our careers doing the things we’re good at, but that aren’t our zone of genius.

In short, The Zone of Genius is where all the magic happens!

You see, everything that happens in the Zone of Genius doesn’t only utilize the acquired skills you’re good at. The Zone of Genius is more about what comes naturally to you—the hidden talents, the things that feel effortless, easy, and above all, make your heart sing. In other words, all the work that doesn’t feel like work! That’s usually why we don’t consider building a business around it. It’s so easy and natural that we can’t understand why anyone would pay money for it.

So, what comes naturally to you?

It’s crucial to take a better look at the talents you naturally possess, the gifts you were born with, and the things you enjoy. The work that doesn’t feel like work is usually the perfect foundation for building a thriving business. Plus, being aware of your Zone of Genius doesn’t mean you won’t get to use the rest of the skills you’ve acquired throughout your career. Quite the opposite actually, you just learn to utilize them differently, supportive of your true purpose work.

3. Work with a coach for extra clarity

A good coach acts as a filter for your ideas: they help you keep the good ones and let go of the bad ones. What’s even more, they know what it takes to take your idea from concept to market. The critical thing to understand here is that the best coaches help do this without projecting their own beliefs onto you. Meaning, they help filter the best ideas for you, your personality, life, and goals. Not theirs. Not based on their past experience, fears, or limitations. This is vital to filter for when hiring a coach, as many are unaware of their own limiting biases.

The right coach helps you peek inside and guides you to your sense of passion and purpose, an idea that doesn’t only look good on paper but actually lights you up.

Finding your why (and using it as your business foundation) is one of the most potent growth accelerators. You’ll soon become aware of your values and what really matters to you with proper guidance. When paired with a profitable idea, it’s the formula that undeniably brings success.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to starting your own business?

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