Having What We Want Requires Persistence

April 28, 2021

Much of what’s come into my life has been a result of persistence.

I’ve never stopped. I’ve gotten back up every time I fall or fail and go after what I desire until I get there. I constantly seek new pathways and possibilities when roadblocks crop up. And I surrender to the endless unfolding of this life with an open mind and heart.

Persistence is essential.

Life is going to knock us down and kick us around. It doesn’t happen ‘to’ us, but it does happen around us in really chaotic, gut-wrenching ways. Life is going to push us to the breaking point more than once.

Having what we want requires wholehearted commitment.

Rest and self-care and all the support, yes. But also a deep commitment to seeing the work through until we get to where we want to be.

I’m infinitely grateful for this life I have and the business I’ve built, and I’ve been deeply humbled by the things I’ve had to walk through to get here. My gratitude is never without grief for what (and who) I’ve lost. It’s never without appreciation for the support I’ve had along the way and the people who’ve helped put me back together when life broke me clean in two. It’s not without scars, and what’s next for me won’t be without more loss, struggle, heartache, and obstacles as I go for more.

But I’m grateful to be on the ride. I’m grateful for all that’s happened and yet to come. For who I’ve grown into because of it.

If you want it, keep going.

Rest at times. Ask for help. Find the way. Stay the course.

But always keep going.

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