You Have to Be Willing to Be Continuously Confronted

April 27, 2021

If you want to step into your purpose and live a fully expressed life, you have to be willing to be continuously confronted.

You have to be in situations, relationships, and experiences that bring what you need to see to the forefront, whether you’re ready to face it or not. Because the truth is, we’re rarely ready.

As humans, we will always favor comfort. We will always prefer to stay in the known and familiar—what’s “safe” and “secure”—because our subconscious is programmed to keep us there. So we’ll rarely be ready to see these things on our own. Our subconscious won’t allow it.

This means we have to surround ourselves with truth-tellers, not codependence or a circle of “yes men.” We have to enter into containers that push our edges, like coaching or therapy or communities that promote constant growth and healing. It means we have to make the choice to go for more, to surrender to the truth that we’re wired for continuous growth. It means we have to do the work, day in and day out.

We have to be willing to be confronted.
To not run away when it’s hard.
To not stop when it’s uncomfortable.

It’s the only way to break free from the illusion of safety and security, which is often just comfort and smallness.

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