This Next Evolution of My Work Will Be Bigger Than Me

March 2, 2023

I always knew this next evolution of my work would be bigger than me.

That it was meant to grow beyond myself and my personal brand, and that it would require helping hands in so many new and different ways.

That said, I didn’t anticipate this latest change that’s been brewing behind the scenes. A beautiful curveball that made everything make sense: the new brand, the immensity of the vision, the need for everything to shift and grow, and for certain aspects to be released and left behind. Despite all the clarity I gained over the last year, I never could’ve scripted the storyline I’m personally living (and my work is shifting through) right now.

What a journey, friends.

I can’t wait for you to see where we’re going, who we’re going there with, and all the incredible things that we’ll do. All that will become possible for us because of this deep alignment, opening, and creation that’s soon to be revealed.

Everything in my life has been building to this season.

Everything I’ve walked through helped me become the person I needed to be to reap the fruits of the seeds I sowed, tended, and nurtured through so many storms.

But these hard and heavy things didn’t prepare me for this next evolution simply because they happened; they shaped me and my purpose because I actively transmuted them with commitment and intention. I not only felt and processed them fully, but I also shifted their form into something far bigger than me and my life or experiences. I channeled them back into the world in such a way that they’ve transformed the lives of others. They’ve become a ripple of disruption that creates true and lasting change.

The art of transmutation is a process accessible to all of us, all the time.

No matter how difficult and overwhelming the things that weigh heavy on our hearts may be, they can be shifted into potent and purposeful energy that heals our hearts and the world around us at depths that echo for generations to come. It’s a process I’m teaching for the first time in my brand new masterclass.

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