So Many Evolutions of My Work and Endless Iterations of Myself

February 23, 2023

Today I posted this as my 5,000th Instagram post, and I find that very fitting.

That strange little corner of the internet has been home to so many evolutions of my work and endless iterations of myself.

It’s held me through my greatest losses, captured my most precious memories, and documented nearly every step of my healing and growth journey after trauma and abuse ripped the foundation from beneath my feet.

But today’s sentiment isn’t about social media at all.

It’s about all the many heartbreaks and horrors I’ve not only walked through over the last decade but actively shifted in form and remade into truly transformational things. My grief became a lighthouse that guided sweet souls through their own challenging chapters and big life transitions, my rage birthed conversations and offerings that have changed lives globally, and my despair has fueled some of the most potent work I’ve ever created.

This isn’t me bragging; I’m simply pointing out the fruits of a practice that’s only ever made my life more fulfilling. A process I’ve lived from since as far back as I can remember that has allowed me to take what’s hard and what hurts and turn it into productive and expansive energy, channeling it in compelling and world-changing ways. Healing myself, the hearts of others, and the communities around me all at once.

That’s the Art of Transmutation.

Where you being YOU becomes a balm for the world.

It’s a way of alchemizing emotions—without bypassing—where we go beyond feeling our way through what’s present and alive in our bodies and move into intentionally changing their form altogether. When we transmute, we create unparalleled leverage, allowing us to rapidly alter our experience and the world around us.

I’ll publicly announce this class’s details next week, but in the meantime, you can hop on my email list and get instant access to a special subscriber-only presale offer.

What are you waiting for?

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