I Thought It Would Kill Me… Truly

February 24, 2023

I thought it would kill me… truly.

Feeling the gutting of my grief and the totality of my trauma. Facing the immensity of my brokenness and all the fears and blocks I’d collected due to abuse and the toxic or deeply misaligned relationships that followed.

Despite all my smarts and a deep understanding of how it works to be human, I truly believed it would consume me. That I’d lean into what’s hard and what hurts, and—poof!—I’d suddenly cease to exist.

That’s how painful it was and how unequipped I felt to navigate every last bit of it.

But I leaned in anyway.

Because I honestly don’t know any other way to be.

I leaned in, and something unexpected happened; I was better, stronger, and more alive for having done it. I found the rich end of the expansive spectrum… deep love, endless peace, unparalleled joy, and true fulfillment. My rage and grief channeled into a body of work that’s helped humans heal globally, and I wrote words that kept people who wanted to leave not only here and alive but actively pursuing their purpose and passions.

That’s not that magic of me; it’s the product of transmutation. Taking what’s here and shifting the form into something more, better, or different without bypassing the parts that sit heavy on our hearts.

It’s the process of alchemizing what’s ugly and contractive into something beautiful, productive, and world-altering.

Transmutation, like anything else I teach, is a process that can be understood and lived. It’s a process that will give you more freedom and leverage to not only build a fully aligned life that fills you up but also makes this crazy and chaotic world a much better place for all.

It’s a requirement for purposeful living and catalyzing contribution, and it’s something I’ll be teaching you March 14th – 16th when you join my brand new masterclass:

The Art of Transmutation.

Presale is open to my list through Sunday with special early-bird pricing. Subscribe now for instant access to all the details. It’s the first part of a beautiful story I’ll unfold over the next two months.

You don’t want to miss it… 👇🏼

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I Thought It Would Kill Me… Truly