Happy One-Year Anniversary, New Mexico

February 25, 2023

Happy one-year anniversary, New Mexico.

I’ve lived a hundred lifetimes in this last year of being back in the dusty desert, surrounded by family, good food, and so much color. I knew that coming home would help me heal, but it gave me so much more than a soft, safe space to land; it brought me home to myself, and I’m oh so grateful that I heeded the call to return to this place that raised me.

I made some of the best decisions of my life in 2021, between ending relationships, getting rid of nearly everything I owned, leaving Colorado, and taking living in the city or suburbs off the table. It forced me to get uncomfortable, to ask for and receive so much support. It required me to think, be, and move differently, and it led me into deeper alignment. It asked me to face everything still broken and hurting in my heart and healed me so thoroughly that I’m happier and healthier than ever in my life—even more so than the years before loss and trauma tipped me over and poured me out.

2022 was a truly transformational year.

And this year is shaping up to be my favorite of all.

Trust your intuition, friends. Even when it doesn’t make sense and especially when it’s hard. Regardless of how crazy it seems and despite the uncertainty and risks that leave you shaking fearfully in your boots.

It’ll be worth it in ways you can’t imagine.

That I know for sure.


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