I Have a Lot I Want to Say About the Last Two Weeks

April 6, 2023

I have a lot I want to say about the last two weeks.

The way my body crashed, and my health took priority. The first of two road trips that are so special and aligned for me that I want to shout about it all from the rooftops. The big business changes being finalized and soft-launched behind the scenes.

But really, all I feel like saying right now is that life is super good, my body is always healing and reminding me how strong I am, and everything is shifting in the most wonderful ways. I may not be here sharing as much or as openly and loudly, but that energy isn’t gone. It’s just being channeled into all the new.

The new relationships.

The new business, brand, and offerings.

The new life paths and possibilities.

The new channels for the many big conversations I’m here to have that are oh-so scary and stretch my soul more than ever before.

The podcast and Substack will be back next week now that I’m on the mend, and new ways to connect and engage with the work will be shared very soon.

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