It’s Worth Waiting For

March 25, 2023

It’s worth waiting for.

It’s worth saying no to everything misaligned and “not quite right.”

It’s worth the weeks and months (even years) of being alone, facing the wounded parts of your heart, and doing the work to heal.

It’s worth it at levels you won’t understand until you experience them, and then you’ll be grateful for everything you ever thought you wanted not working out until now. For every step of the journey winding through the highs and lows how they did so that you could cross paths at exactly the right time.

I love this man with my whole heart and with an openness I’ve never felt before. A deep certainty, a soft surrender, and a trust that stretches to the edges of my soul.

The way he leads.

His heart and purpose.

His unwavering integrity and steadiness.

I know I’m safe, important, and cared for because he shows me that I am.

I know I’m not alone because he’s the very definition of partnership in all the ways I’ve craved and in languages I’ve never heard.

He calls forward my best self, my fullest expression, and my full feminine, simply by being all of who he is in every moment.

They say, “when you know, you know,” and they’re right.

Because when you know, there’s nothing but a loud, resounding YES coursing through your veins and a notable absence of no. There’s an expansion in your heart and an unencumbered desire to continuously show up and lean in. There’s a calm, grounded resonance and the complete dissolution of resistance. There’s a knowing that life can really, truly begin and excitement for all the possibilities on the path ahead.

It’s worth waiting for.

A thousand times over.

And I’m so unbelievably grateful for every second of my journey that led me to this man. For every heartbreak and challenging season that shaped me into the woman I am today, and for every choice I made to heal and find wholeness on my own, so I could be ready for this love of a lifetime that’s unlike anything I’ve felt or experienced before.

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It’s Worth Waiting For