Talk About What’s Hard And What Hurts

June 11, 2018

Suicide isn’t selfish… it’s not simply a mental health issue either. To pass it off as such is both ignorant and damaging. This is just one reason why it’s more important than ever for ALL OF US to talk about what’s hard and what hurts. To be honest and stop hiding behind polished facades on perfectly manicured profiles. To share our own stories and struggles, because we are NEVER the only one experiencing something, even though it can absolutely feel that way.
People take their own life for many reasons. Just because you’ve never experienced that level of pain doesn’t mean it’s not actually real and unbearable. Making the choice to stay is hard for many… it was hard for me. It doesn’t make people weak, it makes them human. We all process, experience, and feel our way through this life in different ways.

How we talk about this matters. What we do and say beyond the “it’s only temporary” and “it gets better” social media posts matters. Whether or not we’re willing and able to truly care and listen matters.

Watch your words.
They matter. ❤

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