The Thing We Need to Face to Heal

April 5, 2021

What’s the one thing you can’t bear to face?
When do you stop looking at what’s hard and what hurts?
At what point in feeling do you force yourself to stop?

The thing that feels like too much—like it may very well consume us—is often the very thing we need to face to heal. The very same thing we need to keep looking at, being with, and feeling through.

The uncomfortable emotions.
The painful experiences.
All the things left unexpressed.

It’s only by experiencing the raw emotion and allowing ourselves to process it out that we can find what we desire: peace, truth, joy, purpose, and a love so pure it heals our hearts.

Yes, these things can be agonizing, heartbreaking, and everything awful to face and feel. But it’s even more excruciating and unbearable to live with the consequences of stuffing them down, day in and day out, unaware of all the ways bypassing is affecting you.

What is it that you don’t want to see? To feel, express, or let out? Where have you been unwilling to drop in deep and see the processing through to the other side? What are you avoiding or stuffing down?

Please give it a good look, acknowledge it, and see it for what it is. Tend to yourself, but feel the raw emotions as purely and productively as you can. No stories, no getting stuck, no spinning out.

Just processing it out of your body and nervous system so you can be free to feel all the good in this life. All the things you desire and deserve.

You can do this.

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