Numbness Never Solves Anything

June 22, 2021

Numbness has a way of making you believe the hard part is over, that you’re out of the woods and never have to look back.

But you’re not in the clear. At least not until you acknowledge and process everything you’ve been fighting so hard NOT to feel.

The pain.
The heaviness.
The guilt.
The anger.
Even the regret.

We can trick ourselves into thinking we’ve moved forward because we’re not feeling these things anymore. But numbness never solves anything, and until we fully feel and move through these emotions, we’re never really free to move forward. They will always color our lens and affect our ability to create what we want. They’ll make us sick, bring on aches and pains, and keep us from experience the richness of expansive emotions like joy, peace, purpose, and fulfillment.

Face your feelings, even though it’s challenging.

Cry it out, talk it out, rage into a pillow. Do this to the point that you’re nearly bored of crying, talking, and even thinking about it. Do it until you feel emptied out entirely and you begin to feel the spaciousness this work brings (even if you may still feel raw and tender from the processing).

It’s only then that you discover what’s next for you and your life, along with what wants to come through you from these new, altered, healed parts. A new sense of purpose, a new direction, some much-needed clarity. Peace, joy, and genuine contentment.

And more often than not, you’ll love what you find on the other side.

Trust the process and do the work.

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