Changing Our Context to Change Our Lives

April 5, 2021

People are always showing us their context—the lens through which they see the world and the frame they fit everything inside.

In the conversations they’re having and the language they choose to use. In the things they do, how they do them, and everything they don’t do. In how they show up or the ways they’re mostly absent.

Context isn’t always conscious.

In fact, for most, it’s not.

Because the subconscious drives our sense of self, motivations, actions, and general worldview, it never occurs to us that it’s there, let alone different from someone else. It never occurs to us that our conscious choices and actions are driven by our context, subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, and fears. It never occurs to us that we’re working to control everything we do to reinforce our sense of self or that our sense of self is rooted deeply in our core wounds.

It’s why we self-sabotage in all our favorite ways.
It’s why we find ourselves in the same relationships.
It’s why we feel the same things and tell the same stories.
It’s why we’re never able to make the impossible happen.

Context is king, and the beauty is that we can change it once we identify our current lens. We can choose a frame and set of beliefs that better align us with the things we want. We can operate in the world from a place of trust and faith, not fear and doubt.

Changing our context allows us to become the person we need to have the things we deeply desire, without outside circumstances needing to be different. Because once we change our context, we begin showing up in a new way of being, and the world reconfigures around us to reflect all the new possibilities that come with it.

What’s your context?
And is it supportive of who you want to be?
Does it align you with what you want?

If not, join us in Coaching + Community!

This is exactly the work we’re doing.

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