Being Brave Around Something That Seemed So Inherently Insane

March 22, 2023

March 22, 2023

Every single season that’s changed my life for the better began with being brave around something that seemed so inherently insane.

Pulling down all my websites and content in 2017 to create space for what wanted to come through next, without old versions of me and my body of work getting in the way. My mentor nearly fell out of his char when I told him, but it’s the only reason I was able to create Journey Mapping™ and help people begin healing globally.

Leaving my community and support system behind and moving to the mountains alone in 2018 so that I could hear myself again. I’d been giving my power away to the people around me, and so many of those relationships had begun to undermine my ability to claim what felt right and true for me. So I left. I bought a 4Runner I could camp in the back of, and I consciously chose to go live a more isolating and less convenient life, all so that I could finally, truly hear myself again.

Getting rid of nearly everything I owned in 2021 (reducing my life to zero), refusing to sign another lease, and buying a camper with the intention to start existing in full alignment with who I’m here to be and the life I’m called to live. I made things more challenging in so many regards, but I also created tremendous freedom and leverage to start moving and being differently, and it’s led to so many beautiful things.

Closing channels that made up 60-70% of my income with nothing lined up…

Deleting thousands of names off my email list because it felt right…

Letting go of hands that held me through my hardest times…

The list goes on and on, but the point is the same.

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