Weekday Solo Camping in the High Desert

April 6, 2021

Solo camping is one of my absolute favorite things.

Being alone in nature, especially far from people… I just feel at peace. Like I’m coming home to myself and am so content to be with nothing but my thoughts and the sounds of nature.

Last Thursday, I decided to head out for some camping before it got busy over the weekend (I’ll be talking about why this is part of my work to “quantum leap” in my new vlog coming out tomorrow). The first place I tried to go was absolutely packed, which super bummed me out.

I went on a weekday!
Why is everyone here?!
I want to be alone!

I guess the beautiful weather had people coming out in droves, or because many people have Good Friday off, they were setting up for some holiday camping.

I’ll be back though, the views in this campground are incredible!

Deterred, I almost went home because I figured everywhere was going to be packed.

Thankfully, I decided to pull over at a gas station and do a quick search for other campgrounds in the area. I really didn’t want to drive several hours away, so I was thrilled to see some BLM land only 30 minutes north of where I was.

If you’re not familiar, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is a government agency that oversees public land. These are public areas that don’t generally offer amenities (like bathrooms, water, fire pits, tables, etc.) and often don’t require a fee, though this can vary from state to state. There are no national regulations on what you can do on BLM land, so you should check with your state before planning a trip.

BLM areas have dispersed camping and ask that you camp at least 200 feet away from water using sites that are already established, if possible.

I was thrilled to see that there were very few people in the area.

Some mountain bikers rode by, and I saw a few vehicles that were gone in the morning. But it was so beautiful, quiet, and peaceful in the spot I chose!

I settled in, got my sleeping stuff set up, and basked in the sun.

Honestly, I couldn’t get over how quiet and peaceful it was.

Exactly what I needed!

When it comes to food, I’m not much of a thoughtful planner. I have yet to use my stove because it feels hard, haha… so I usually bring a color, stop at the store for goodies on the way, and keep it chilled with ice from the gas station. I was stoked to find some Hatch green chile hummus, which reminds me of home (New Mexico)!

I ate, watched the fire, and listened to the wild turkeys in the distance.

Happy, happy.

One thing I love about camping is the night sky.

Especially when the moon isn’t out, it’s spectacular to look up and see them.

What’s better, I learned that my new iPhone 12 Pro takes night photos!! I had fun playing with that before bed. This photo is probably best viewed in the darker lighting.

I had a great night’s sleep in the rig and woke up refreshed.

I spent the morning by the fire again, watching the sun come up over the canyon walls. More mountain bikers cruised by, but it was nice and quiet. I took some time to organize the rig and put the seats up, which I rarely do. Then it started getting hot out!

I’d never been to this area and love to explore back roads.

So I cruised further down the canyon road and was soon going up, up, up. The view was amazing, truly. You could see so many of the distant, snow-covered ranges. Peaks and valleys. Distant lands. Gorgeous. I also came across the burn area from the previous summer. Sad to see so much gone, but it was already regenerating in some places. Little flowers and green popping up through the charred dirt.

There were some slick, muddy, steep sections that I didn’t love… but it was so worth it to get to the top and take in the views. I could even hear the train in the distance!

Overall, I had a great trip!

I will definitely be revisiting this place again and again.

This is why I’m not sharing where it is… for safety and serenity. ????

Camping season is here (for those of us that don’t winter camp!) I’m looking forward to exploring more places and sharing more of my adventures here on the blog!

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