Making Counterintuitive Moves to Quantum Leap Our Goals

April 7, 2021

What could become possible if we learned to lead with desire, joy, pleasure, and purpose? If we were driven by the fires in our bellies and the callings that constantly tug at our hearts?

I for one, am ready to find out.

I’ve spent enough of my life pushing, forcing, hustling, and doing all the things I think I “should” because “that’s what people/business owners/friends/partners do.” I’ve wasted enough time trapped in the wrong places and spaces because they looked good on paper or other people wanted me there. I’ve swam in the depths of depression, burnout, anxiety, and battered health for more time than I care to admit. In ways that crippled me and my business at different intervals.

In this week’s vlog I’m talking all about how I’m taking a counter-intuitive approach to transforming my life, business, and everything in between. How I’m committing to a completely new path toward all that I desire.

Start watching now…

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