Connecting with Women Who Travel

April 7, 2021

Today I connected with a sweet community of women who travel after multiple conversations with friends and family on all the potential adventure time to come.

Last summer, I spent as much time as I could safely exploring new places.

Camping in the high mountain aspens, sunbathing on desert rocks, or swimming in lakes and rivers to stay cool. Finding cozy little Airbnb’s in new towns surrounded by unexplored trails and spectacular canyon views. Road tripping across new terrain and constantly being wowed by how beautiful this world can be.

It was the best summer of my life.

I felt so happy, free, and at peace. More like myself than ever before. While it feels strange to begin exploring the idea of mingling with others in the near future (I’m scheduled for my first vaccine shot this Friday!), I know I’ll be spending as much of the warmer months outside as I can. And I’m so excited to start making and meeting more like-minded friends who value these experiences as much as I do!

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