What Happens When We Step Away From Community

April 8, 2021

Grateful to be entering a season of craving community again. I’m also incredibly thankful for the three years where I didn’t.

There have been several significant periods in my life where I had to step away to root back into myself and my desires or visions. This last period was no different. After three years of grief, trauma, abuse, and the massive fallout that followed, I didn’t trust myself anymore. I had been gaslit by my partners, as well as people I loved and trusted (some who knew what they were doing and others who lacked all the information to do better) that I couldn’t hear myself or my truth anymore.

So, I moved to the mountains all by myself.
Let go of hands that held me but no longer felt aligned.
And intentionally kept my distance from forming new friendships.

I can’t adequately express how essential this was for me.

How much I’ve healed in myself (from both recent and childhood traumas) because of it. And how able I now am to form healthy, nurturing relationships, no longer falling victim to codependent roles.

I have a strong, loud, unwavering voice.
I can make clear requests around wants and needs.
I set boundaries when I need to.
I trust myself above all else.

And I love all the fresh energy and perspective I have as I renter the world of relationships. As I network, become more visible, and lean into new connections of all kinds. As I seek out new communities and friends.

Trust your heart, friends.

Sometimes the most supportive thing we can do is step away from all of our current care systems so we can hear ourselves again. Sometimes the healthiest thing we can do is isolate ourselves from the world for a bit.


Only you know when it’s time for what.

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