I’ve Never Been as Safe, Held, Met, and Loved

February 27, 2023

I’ve never been as safe, held, met, and loved as I am right now.

I’ve never been as soft and surrendered, showing up fully expressed as the person I’m here to be and finally knowing what it’s like to be truly seen and heard. I’ve never felt so sure of the relationships and experiences I’m standing inside of, knowing what “all in” means across the board at levels that expand my soul and bring immense joy.

I’ve never been so grateful for all the things I thought I wanted not working out, swimming in genuine appreciation for every heartbreak that brought me to my knees before stretching my capacity for all the beautifully expansive emotions I now feel vibrating through every cell. I’ve never been so at peace about everyone and everything I released along the way because it kept my hands and heart open and ready to receive what and who is most aligned for me.

I’ve never been so proud of my ability to face what’s hard and what hurts, making magic from the most devastating losses and traumas. For the process of transmuting all that sits heavy on my heart, channeling it into creations that ripple through the lives, communities, and world around me. And I’ve never felt so equipped to help others do the same.

This season of life is my favorite in ways I can’t wait to reveal.

I’m presently living out an incredible ending to a period that was maddening beyond belief—consciously crafting a conclusion to a challenging chapter I’d never wish on anyone—though it doesn’t feel like an ending as much as a magnificent new beginning filled with endless possibilities.

But that’s how it goes.

All goodbyes lead to new hellos.

All deaths are followed by rebirths.

All darkness is eventually met by light.

And all endings make way for new beginnings.

I’m crying as I write this because I want you to know what’s possible when you learn to transmute everything horrific and heartbreaking into delightfully disruptive energies that breathe new life into your soul. I want you to understand how fulfilling life can become when you learn to go beyond just feeling and processing and move into channeling the most potent and productive forms of every hard and contractive emotion into deeper healing—for yourself and the world around you.

I’m always grateful to stand where I’m standing, even if I’ll never be thankful for certain experiences that brought me here. But some days, the gratitude is louder than others because the contrast of where I am compared to where I was for so long reverberates loudly through every bone.

No matter how damaged you feel, how terrifyingly broken the world seems, or how impossible the hurt feels, there’s a process to be free from it all AND turn it into catalyzing channels that change the world.

That’s exactly what I’m teaching you in The Art of Transmutation.

This work is unlike anything I’ve taught (or that you’ve likely experienced anywhere else) before, and I cannot wait to go on this journey with you. We’ll heal our hearts, change the world, and step more deeply into our fullest expression.

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