Where You Being YOU Becomes a Balm for the World

Tuesday, March 14th — Thursday, March 16th with Stephenie Zamora

Living your fullest expression and most aligned life is one of the greatest and most impactful contributions you can make during these times.

That’s not an inspirational "rah, rah" chant; I know that with my whole soul. 

This world doesn’t need more people conforming to the status quo and trying to fit themselves into systems that never considered who they are or what’s best for them in the first place. It needs more people who are willing to be courageous in their daily choices and who contribute in the way that only they can around the things that matter most to them.

Doing this requires a specific form of alchemy.

It starts with acknowledging what sits heavy on your heart and not simply stopping yourself from feeling, but facing into it in such a way that you transmute what’s hard and what hurts into productive and expansive energy, channeling it in a compelling and world-changing way.

Systems are collapsing in real-time all around us.

They're being stressed to their breaking points, and it's causing an immense amount of chaos, uncertainty, and harm.

Those horrific things you see on the news, scroll past in your social feeds, or hear about from friends and family and their respective communities? The losses, the traumas, the endless string of harm being perpetuated on people and communities around the world? 

Those are system failures.

  • Social, educational, and family systems.
  • Healthcare, infrastructure, and financial systems.
  • Environmental, food, and supply systems.

Even our physical, mental, and emotional systems are failing in rapid time as a result of being confronted with overwhelming streams of information about what's broken in the world on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. We're being overloaded to the point that our hearts are heavy and our minds cannot help but short-circuit, shutting us down completely because the weight is too much for our souls to carry.

But we can’t stop; we have to keep moving, keep earning, keep taking care of our bills and our lives. The resulting anxiety and depression runs as a constant background hum throughout our everyday lives, taxing us further and making us sick.

The world as a whole is at a breaking point.

Our faith in humanity is being tested.

Our belief that life supports us is perpetually challenged.

Our access to resources of all kinds feels wholly strained and limited.

But this isn't a time to be afraid or numb out to the awfulness of this experience; it’s a time to let the heartache call us into deeper alignment and more purposeful living. It’s a time to rally around the causes that matter most to our souls, whether that’s globally, locally, or within our homes.

It’s a time to rise.

To step into and claim our inherent power.

To use our voices more thoughtfully and pointedly.

To take up space and become intentional stress points that force change where it’s deeply needed, simply by being who we're here to be and focusing on what we feel called to do.

It’s a time to have each of our individual lives act as a stand for what truly matters, choosing to become the beginning droplets of disruption that turn into transformational ripples—forever altering the way things occur, globally and generationally.

Whatever contribution you’re called towards—no matter the scale or scope—there’s a channel that will give you the most leverage to spark spectacular shifts.

Channels of Creation and Conversation:

Whether that's launching a business, writing a book, producing a podcast, creating your art, or starting a movement.

Channels of Expression:

Whether that's how you live your life, who you are in the world, how you relate to those around you, or what communities you engage in.

But in order to access and amplify these channels, we must master:

Where You Being YOU Becomes a Balm for the World

Join me March 14th - 16th for a multi-part masterclass where we’ll go deep into the three components of this work, including processes you can use repeatedly for ongoing transmutation and, ultimately, lasting transformation in your/our world.

Attending live gives you a chance to workshop this material with me and receive laser coaching around your biggest sticking points! Plus, if you attend all three classes live, you'll receive a custom created AcuSesh recording designed to dissolve your biggest blocks and past traumas around showing up fully expressed—AND you'll be entered to win a 30-minute private coaching session with me!

Working With Your Emotions

Tuesday, March 14th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST

You cannot transmute (or step into your fullest expression) if you’re unwilling to feel and work with the more contractive emotions that every human experiences, especially during challenging seasons like we’re all collectively walking through. But this work is about more than just facing our stored traumas, unresolved grief, and unprocessed emotions; it’s about intentionally eliciting the most intense pain points and understanding why we care as much as we do.

What we feel most heartbroken by, furiously angry about, and deeply distraught over is a clue into what we’re passionate about and a key to understanding our purpose.

The Art of Transmutation

Wednesday, March 15th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST

Alchemizing emotions into expansive energy requires processing in a particular way—without bypassing. We also have to go beyond feeling our way through what’s present and alive in our bodies and move into intentionally changing their form altogether. Shifting grief to love, anger to passion, and fear to excitement at a level that fuels our ability to show up fully expressed and aligned around what matters most. When we transmute, we create unparalleled leverage, which allows us to alter our experience and the world around us rapidly.

Choosing a Channel of Change

Thursday, March 16th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST

What’s not felt and moved out in a productive way will make us sick, and that’s true of our expansive energies as well. When we transmute our contractive emotions into expansive ones, we must move them into a channel that’s purposefully directed and intentional, ensuring that it doesn’t sit inside our cells. Emotions are just energy in motion, and transmuted emotions are particularly potent. What was once heavy on your heart is now an activated energy that will catalyze true, lasting transformation when routed where it’s most needed. These channels come in many forms, but fall into the categories of creation, conversation, and expression.

Recordings will be available through Friday, April 7th, 2023 (that's three full weeks from the live classes). This is a potent masterclass that will only support you if you utilize the content and materials, which is why we won't be offering lifetime access.

Are you ready to disrupt and transform this world, simply by being all of who you're here to be, not who the world or other people expect you to be?

Grab your seat or register for the recordings now!

Register at our special "first time" price of $111 through Monday, March 13th*.

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*The price to access this class will jump to $333 on Tuesday, March 14th, so grab it now if it resonates!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where will the classes take place?

The class schedule is as follows:

  1. Working With Your Emotions (Tuesday, March 14th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST)
  2. The Art of Transmutation (Wednesday, March 15th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST)
  3. Choosing a Channel of Change (Thursday, March 16th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm EST)

Classes will take place live on Zoom, and you'll have the option to call in or join from your computer. There will be an ability to participate in the group chat and ask anonymous questions to receive deeper support.

Will there be recordings if I can't attend live?

Yes, each day's training will be posted to our private membership portal by midnight EST, however recordings will only be available through Friday, April 7th, 2023 (that's three full weeks from the live classes). This is a potent masterclass that will only support you if you utilize the content and materials, which is why we won't be offering lifetime access.

What is the custom AcuSesh™ recording I'll receive if I attend all three days live?

Acupressure is a simple and powerful energy practice that allows you to easily disrupt and remove limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, stressors, and even past traumas that may be getting in the way of what you desire. We work with the brain’s vision center and clear any old or outdated information, heal and release stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, and begin to rewire your thought process, feelings, and patterns—all while sitting around doing a simple and relaxing exercise! As a bonus for joining me live for all three days, you'll have a chance to submit your biggest sticking point and I'll record a custom AcuSesh™ recording just for you! This will allow you to continuously work with and clear the most challenging stopper between you and the impact you desire to make.

What is the laser coaching I have a chance to win if I attend all three days live?

As a bonus for joining me live for all three days, you'll be entered to win one of TWO 30-minute laser coaching sessions with me! This is your opportunity to get one-on-one support around your biggest blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, past traumas, or subconscious programming—anything standing between you, who you're here to be, and the work you feel called to do. I'll announce the winners on Friday, March 17th and you'll have three months to book your session with me.

What should I expect with the included process work?

These sessions are much like a guided visualization, only we’re venturing into the depths of your heart, soul, brain, and body. This work focuses on clearing out trauma, grief, stored memories, and stuck emotions on a cellular level. We can often accomplish more than years of therapy in a single process while also giving you relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, and physical ailments. This work has, quite literally, given me my life back twice. In the context of this class, our process work will focus on eliciting specific emotions and transmuting them into that productive and expansive energy so we can channel it in a compelling and world-changing way.

Barry Soloway, CO

This was deeply personal work but Stephenie brings a tremendous presence to her coaching that provided a safe and accepting environment to work in. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Stephenie dug deep so we could focus on the real sticking points, came up with a plan for moving forward, and was there by phone and e-mail to support me. In particular, the ideas we generated weren’t just “do this/ do that”.

Stephenie went deeper and we identified ways to foster and nurture creativity… I was also blown away by the acupressure Stephenie brought in. It was a simple and highly effective method.

Krista May, CANADA

I am so grateful for you!! You have a way of helping me find my way back to myself, and getting me back on track/aligned. And part of that is facing into the not so pretty stuff… the fear, anger, judgment, resentment, doubt, hopelessness… but also beyond that, and reconnecting with my truest desires. It feels so good to NOT be afraid of my own dark, ugly stuff, and also to fully own up to what I want most and working towards it, instead of trading in my sacred valuable time for money and nothing else. So THANK YOU. AGAIN AND AGAIN. I know that there is so much more to come on this journey, tough stuff and amazing stuff... but I finally feel confident enough in myself, trusting myself fully, to be able to continue from here. And I have you to thank for that. You seriously have a life-saving gift, and I’m SO happy that I found you a few years ago, and decided to work with you again this time. You really help me feel like not only that anything is possible, but also empowered to work towards it and trust myself to navigate it.

Adlin Cedeno, CA

Before I started working with Stephenie I felt completely lost. I knew I was meant to do something greater but I just didn’t know which direction I should go. I had so many ideas and was afraid of making the wrong decision. This unknowing and fear really led me to feeling trapped. I needed help pinpointing what my true purpose was and the things I was truly passionate about. Enter Stephenie.

When I saw Stephenie’s website and read more about the type of people she worked with I found myself relating to everything that was listed. The problems that she helped clients with described completely described my situation at the time, and the solutions she offered were exactly what I needed. As I read her own personal story I felt like she understood where I was coming from because she had been there. I knew at that moment I had to submit an application to work with her.

I have to say I’m truly happy I listened to my intuition because not only did Stephenie help pinpoint my passions, but she also helped me get started on creating my business. She is someone who truly cares about her clients’ well-being and success. In between our scheduled calls she would check-in to see if I needed support, and provided me with the resources I needed. I really appreciated her experiences and knowledge in getting through this time of uncertainty.

I now know what my passions and purpose are in life and am excited to continue on this path. I have the clarity I so desired before I started this journey. I feel free because I have a deeper sense of self and purpose. I would completely recommend Stephenie for anyone who wants to feel a sense of freedom, purpose, and the desire to live your best life.

Kristina Dahlgren, HI

I was not happy with my life the way it was. I disliked my job, wished I had done things differently, wished I could do things differently, and thought it was too late to make the huge changes that were necessary to live my life following my passions. I felt as if I had missed my chance and that to change things now would take too long, be too difficult, or just not possible. It was Stephenie’s blog post “Three Things You MUST DO to Feel Joyful” that started it all. After reading that post I knew that the only thing stopping me was me. I worked through the exercises in [Mastery] and started taking the steps necessary to change the direction my life is headed. Since starting this program I am on my way to obtaining my bachelors degree, I have reinvested in my own business, and started really focusing on my fitness. I am much happier and much more productive; laziness is a thing of the past!

I like that the exercises in this program really force you to dig deep and evaluate what is important to you and what areas of your life need attention and development. I also love that this program is directed at both mind and body as they both must work together to keep you happy and healthy.

My biggest take-away from this program has been a renewed energy and zest for life. When you are honoring yourself and doing the things that make you happy it’s easy to find motivation and forward momentum.

Everyone should do this program even if they feel that they are happy and satisfied with their life because maybe there’s something they’re missing, something they could be doing differently or better. This program also focuses on setting goals which is extremely important to keep moving forward.

Thank you Stephenie, for creating this program, answering my questions, allowing me to pick your brain, and most importantly becoming my friend.

Ashley Gwilliam, TX

Stephenie designed [her program] to empower you to take control of your life in a way that’s more fun than scary. Before working with her, I felt stuck and afraid to take action. I was just coming off a quarter-life crisis, and knew that having my own business that would lead to location-independence was something I HAD TO create for myself! I had invested a lot of time in determining what this business would be, how I could best utilize my talents and ‘researching’ what other industry leaders were doing. But I was stuck in studying mode! I realized I had some deep-seated beliefs that were holding me back and on some level didn’t really believe in myself. But with this program, she walked me step-by-step through the process of creating a life I’m excited to live!

Through our calls I realized none of the “problems” I saw were as big as they seemed; the fearful thoughts holding me back occurred when I was worrying about the future or reliving the past. Having Stephenie hold a safe space for me to pour my heart out and gently guide me back to the present moment was AMAZING! Just having someone who had been there before and gone through the emotional struggles of creating a business to support me and give me feedback was SUCH a relief!!! And nothing was off the table! When I was having relationship problems that were weighing too heavy on me to talk about anything else, she calmly helped me sort through my true desires and fears.

But, I think the biggest thing Stephenie helped me with is coming to a place where I believe in myself again. After feeling bad about myself for changing directions so many times, she helped me come to a place where I now know in my bones that my life is of my own creating; I make the rules, no one else! There is no “right way” to do things, and knowing that is freedom.

Stephenie, I am SO grateful for the wisdom, time and energy you have shared with me! Thank you.

Jennifer Miller, TX

If you’d have asked me when I first started what made me happy, would make me happy and what I feel like I should be doing I would have said ‘no idea’ and truly meant it. However, now—even only being half way—the principles behind [the program] and lessons in the modules are in the forefront of my daily thoughts and actions and I’ve come to realize what I’m truly passionate about. Between the program, articles and inspirations, and the links to other great motivators, you’ve planted a seed that has sent this woman on a journey of self-discovery. Thank you for that!

Jennifer McAleese, NY

Stephenie’s course is a life-changer. My advice – don’t even think twice, sign up now! When I read about Stephenie’s program, something inside me told me I just had to do it, even though I can honestly say that I was happy and content with my life when I started this journey. But, what I’ve experienced over the six weeks of committing to Stephenie’s program is just how amazingly ROCKING life can be when you come from a place of unshakable joy. You don’t need some big huge underlying problem to fix or be completely unhappy with your life to experience radical and transformational mindset shifts, inner peace, and the ability to cultivate positive relationships and lovingly release those that no longer serve you. With Stephenie’s guidance, motivation, and insights, I’ve made changes that have completely transformed my life. Stephenie’s program has helped me figure out where my life was out of harmony, define what I am most passionate about (what “lights a fire in me”), and then set manageable goals to help me achieve my dreams. People around me have noticed how “happy” I’ve been lately and I can 100% say that I have never felt more happy, authentic, confident, and healthy as I do now. I am so grateful to Stephenie for helping me begin this journey of self discovery.

Amanda Schuster

Stephenie is awesome at answering questions with exactly the information I need. A new experience for me as well, and so incredibly valuable. I don’t have to wade through stuff I won’t use or that doesn’t make sense for me to find one grain of something that might work. I have covered more ground on the journey toward having a “real” business in the last six weeks working with Stephenie than I have in the last four years combined. Thanks Stephenie!

Jamie dubose

I am honored and excited to be one of the editors and assistants in the creation of her program. When Stephenie first presented me with the idea of a program that would help people change their dissatisfied, unfulfilling life into one filled with passion, purpose, and JOY, I knew it would be a fantastic program.

As we moved into the content creation and editing phases, it became quite clear to me that this program is so much more than that – it is TRULY a LIFE-CHANGING program. This work will take you on a beautiful journey to the life that you only used to dream of living. Right now, those feelings you have of being stuck spinning your wheels in a life that isn’t serving you.You’re ready for a change, but you don’t know where to start well, this is it. This work will provide you with the exact tools that you need to figure out what you REALLY want out of life, formulate a plan to make it happen, and actually DO it.

Don’t waste any more time being unfulfilled. Dive right in, and discover how to gain full control of your future. The only thing you have to lose is your self-doubt, insecurities, and unhappiness.

Kylie Cork, Australia

I discovered self care and personal development work in September last year and my life changed. I found you and your website a few months later and was immediately drawn to how open and inspirational you are. I started following you and your daily life tips are still a huge highlight of my day.

I literally signed up for your Mastery course on the first day. The email was waiting for me when I awoke at 5am, I signed up at 7am when I got to work and I haven’t regretted a moment.

As I live in Australia I have trouble with joining the live calls, even though you are the only coach I know of who alters the days and time to try and accommodate everyone (seriously, amazing of you.) Knowing this I tend to rely on the Facebook group and email for support. Every single time, and I mean every single time I have needed support or even just needed to vent I have found it to be a safe, supportive place. I read everything that happens, even if I’m sometimes too shy to post.

The best part of Mastery for me was knowing I was in a safe space, that I could go at my own speed and I could ask for and receive support that was tailored for me. The worksheets and the videos were easy to understand, I know I’ll be referring back to them. I feel safe and confident knowing you have my back, Stephenie. I already know I’ll be resigning with you.

J.D., Ca

Stephenie is the best coach that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with (and I've worked with quite a few!). She takes time to truly understand my issues, and she can literally FEEL how I’m feeling, which makes me feel very supported & heard. I love her progressive techniques & suggestions used during our sessions; it’s clear she’s very invested in my personal development and wants to do whatever she can to help me succeed.

Jennifer Twardowski, CA

If you asked me two months ago what topic I wanted to base my business on, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I felt this strong need to create a business, but I was overwhelmed with ideas. Stephenie really helped me to filter out which ideas were just interests and which were my main passions.

By working with Stephenie, I have been able to overcome my own mental blocks so that I now feel so much more in-tune with my own creative flow. I’m no longer just sitting around wanting to create and do something but unsure if that’s “right” or good enough, or creating blocks by telling myself “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that”. Now I’m just letting my own creative spirit flow. I’m freely expressing my ideas… and myself… without all the hesitation.

If you’re really wanting to create something new, discover your true passions, or simply just feel more reconnected to your true self but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get there, then Stephenie is your go-to gal. She will definitely sort out all those crazy thoughts in your brain and set you on the right track so you can create your own joy in your life that you so desperately crave. Stephenie, thank you so much for helping me through this process! I am eternally grateful!

Kayla White, WI

I got more done in three months than I had the entire previous year! Stephenie has a wonderful way of diving deep to the core of what’s holding you back from your goals. Before Amp Your Awesome, I suffered from extreme procrastination, perfectionism, and “analysis paralysis”. Stephenie helped me uncover the root of these issues – fear – and gave me advice and insightful wisdom on how to work through my fears. I got more done in three months than I had the entire previous year! I was tired of not making any progress towards my goals, but now I’m much farther along than I’ve ever been before.

B.W., CO

Stephenie is amazing at seeing you for who you truly are, beneath all the inauthentic personas we wear and display out in the world. She’s one of those gentle, powerful souls who seems to evoke your best self, simply by being in her presence, you know? If anyone can, Stephenie will be able to bring out your best self and bring your entire life into alignment; relationships, heart and soul, deeply meaningful work, and more. I think she’s fantastic. And I think you’ll agree.

Kathy Damas, OR

Thank You!!! I’m feeling exceedingly grateful for finding you and your programs. Although I haven’t crossed every T or dotted every I in the material (yet!), I know that there is a wealth of information there that I will continue to refer to and benefit from for quite some time. You are an amazing young woman and it’s an honor to not only know you as my coach, but as my friend. Thank you for sharing your brains, creativity and vulnerability. You make me stronger and braver and happier through witnessing your growth!

Jill Rodriguez, IL

I had the most incredible breakthrough while doing the exercises of [Mastery]. I had been asking myself the wrong questions. I thought when starting the program, I was going to be taught strategies to work more efficiently and focus on what was working in my business to find my passion again but what I found and learned was – it’s time to move on. When I arrived at this realization, I felt more free and inspired than I have in years if not ever.

For the first time in my life, I’m saying “no” to the things that I thought I “should” be doing. I have discovered strengths and passions that need (not should) to be put in to play in my life so that I will be of service and be fulfilled at the same time.

[Mastery] is truly the foundation to my personal and my new business growth. It’s the one thing (so far) that was missing from any other coaching program I have completed.

As a result of taking [Mastery], I learned to pay attention to my intuition regularly. I seriously thought I always was! Stephenie gave me permission to focus on just me. It was both the module work and coaching calls that made me truly slow down and pay attention. I know it sounds cliche to trust your intuition, but intellectually knowing to listen and being asked and coached to do so made all the difference.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to really look at themselves honestly. To anyone interested in doing the work they are meant to do in this lifetime, Stephenie’s [Mastery] program is where you want to start. I have never been in a coaching group where you have this much access to your coach! You will receive guidance and support from both her and your [Mastery] group in a safe and loving space.

Jennifer Hand, Co

I’m so grateful to have worked with Stephenie as a part of her coaching program. Prior to our time together, I was unsure of what I wanted to “do with my life”. I felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied in my career, and had some ideas of some of my passions, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them into my life to make a living. After our 12 weeks together, I feel confident in moving forward in the direction of my dreams. I am so thankful to be able to work towards a satisfying, rewarding business that I feel is my life’s work.

Joanne Tatham, Bruxelles

I just wanted to thank you all and of course, especially Stephenie. Because of you, I stopped letting fear blocking me from doing things. I created my first free video series and people comments are just awesome. I was invited to the first french wellness summit as an expert, and my interview got wonderful comments saying that everything flowed naturally, that I’m natural and exude well-being, that I’m full of humanity, and that was I say is captivating, bright, clear & speaks directly to the heart. Obviously, I cried.

That’s what happens when you’re living your purpose: people respond to what you do and who you are. In 9 years in corporate, believe me, nobody talked about my work or myself like that! I wouldn’t be living all this without this space. I’m so grateful. If anyone here is still afraid of living their purpose, I hope this message inspire them to take the plunge!

S.J., Illinois

I can’t remember feeling such a sense of excitement for my life before in this way. I have literally been up at night not being able to get to sleep since I have so many ideas and things I am excited about learning right now. It also feels much more balanced too. I am more in touch with my intuition than I have been before and it’s bringing me to exciting things and places in my life. Stephenie… Your passion and genuine desire to help us all achieve unshakable joy really shows through. Your commitment to that with your personal encouragement and support truly make the program what it is. Wow. Thank you very much for sharing your self, your journey and being so open.

Lilly Mosebach, CA

When I started out this year, I decided it would be all about expansion for me. A lot of that had (has) to do with stepping out of my comfort zones and letting my true self shine. Like they say- careful what you ask for! lol- but it has been amazing as I look back on how much I’ve grown (expanded) in so many ways- ways I couldn’t even imagine in the beginning of the year. I owe so much of this to Mastery (and Stephenie!). This has been such a supportive place and it’s allowed me to really feel comfortable in letting my voice be heard.

Laura Wright, NJ

Before we started working together, I was struggling with what direction to move in to start my business, mainly. I had no idea what to do even do to start, or how to market myself. I was going in circles with my thoughts and ideas and there was really no movement. I started to feel overwhelmed/frozen (normal for me at that point) and thought it wouldn’t happen.

My biggest takeaway from our time together is that I can turn something that FEELS huge into smaller steps and conquer each step towards the bigger goal. I felt so relieved when I filed for my LLC and created my business cards. I took away that my passion around my purpose is what’s going to drive my business, not my fear or my wanting to make money.

I have become much more focused and calm around the process. I have become more patient with myself, and when I am faced with something I don’t know how to do (like creating the website…) I am more solution-oriented now than before, where I may have said, “I just won’t bother creating one”. I have more clarity around who I am and what I’m offering, what my product actually is. That has created a lot more peace for me, and more awareness about what it is I’m actually wanting to do.

I experienced you as having a terrific blend of patience, honesty, and true personal investment in me as your client. I felt you were complete and thorough in your response where you knew the answer. That kind of support is really important. I also believe you empower your clients by giving them the responsibility to reach out when they need help and by trusting that they will do what they say they are going to do. You have a great sense of how to hold people accountable without them necessarily realizing that’s what you’re doing. I believe you’re doing your clients a huge service by putting the onus on them to be in communication when something comes up. You are also extremely approachable, friendly, solution-oriented, and your willingness to share your own mistakes and lessons really made a difference for me.

I felt totally responsible for my own success while knowing you were behind me and supporting me. I think you have created a really great coaching program in that I always knew as your client where I stood with your availability to me and that I could count on hearing back from you.

Jennifer Dunham, CA

I decided to do a VIP day with Stephenie (the day we launched my website!) and it was the best investment I made in a long time. After working with someone via online avenues and email, I was super excited to meet Stephenie in person. Stephenie is the most down to earth person, and I felt instantly connected with her as if we were friends for years. My time with Stephenie flew by. She was amazingly open with any question I asked and gave suggestions that helped me upon my return home. I came home with a wealth of information and plans: there are the tangible things, like a strategy for the next 6-12 months to get my new business off the ground this year; and then there are the intangible things, like her support and her belief in me that I can change careers.

I’m the type of person who operates off of goals and lists and I like to know exactly how things work. Stephenie never cringed at the amount of questions I asked. She understood my need to feel confident with operating a new website and designing a new business plan. I loved that she took notes the entire time we worked together so that I didn’t necessarily have to, so that I could focus on the thought process. She emailed me pages of notes. My time with her was her top priority and that is how she made me feel… like a VIP.

I have a list of priorities to work on and I have a schedule for those priorities. And one of the biggest takeaways, I have Stephenie’s support to help hold me accountable.

I would highly recommend any of Stephenie’s programs. I think they are all important. I can’t wait to see her new programs launch. You can be sure, I will be the first to sign up

B.M., Ca

YOU are Amazing! I am still in shock that you give so much of yourself and what you have learned and share it so generously. This program found me at exactly the right moment. Your business program is exactly what I need at just the right time. I just have to tell you what a Spark of bright light this has been for me. I am making huge, scary shifts in my life, I am shaking it ALL up… everything to live a life I love, so Thank You for following your passion and helping others find theirs!

Are you ready to disrupt and transform this world, simply by being all of who you're here to be, not who the world or other people expect you to be?

Grab your seat or register for the recordings now!

Register at our special "first time" price of $111 through Monday, March 13th.*

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