The Art of Transmutation

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Living your fullest expression and most aligned life is one of the greatest and most impactful contributions you can make during these times.

That’s not an inspirational “rah, rah” chant; I know that with my whole soul.

This world doesn’t need more people conforming to the status quo and trying to fit themselves into systems that never considered who they are or what’s best for them in the first place. It needs more people who are willing to be courageous in their daily choices and who contribute in the way that only they can around the things that matter most to them.

Join me March 14th – 16th for a multi-part masterclass where we’ll go deep into the three components of this work, including processes you can use repeatedly for ongoing transmutation and, ultimately, lasting transformation in your/our world.



Recordings will be provided if you can’t make these times, but attending live gives you a chance to workshop this material with me and receive laser coaching around your biggest sticking points!

1) Working With Your Emotions

Tuesday, March 14th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm EST

You cannot transmute (or step into your fullest expression) if you’re unwilling to feel and work with the more contractive emotions that every human experiences, especially during challenging seasons like we’re all collectively walking through. But this work is about more than just facing our stored traumas, unresolved grief, and unprocessed emotions; it’s about intentionally eliciting the most intense pain points and understanding why we care as much as we do. What we feel most heartbroken by, furiously angry about, and deeply distraught over is a clue into what we’re passionate about and a key to understanding our purpose.

2) The Art of Transmutation

Wednesday, March 15th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm EST

Alchemizing emotions into expansive energy requires processing in a particular way—without bypassing. We also have to go beyond feeling our way through what’s present and alive in our bodies and move into intentionally changing their form altogether. Shifting grief to love, anger to passion, and fear to excitement at a level that fuels our ability to show up fully expressed and aligned around what matters most. When we transmute, we create unparalleled leverage, which allows us to alter our experience and the world around us rapidly.

3) Choosing a Channel of Change

Thursday, March 16th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm EST

What’s not felt and moved out in a productive way will make us sick, and that’s true of our expansive energies as well. When we transmute our contractive emotions into expansive ones, we must move them into a channel that’s purposefully directed and intentional, ensuring that it doesn’t sit inside our cells. Emotions are just energy in motion, and transmuted emotions are particularly potent. What was once heavy on your heart is now an activated energy that will catalyze true, lasting transformation when routed where it’s most needed. These channels come in many forms, but fall into the categories of creation, conversation, and expression.