Misunderstood Masterclass


Break Free from Fear and Shame, and Unlock Your Fullest Expression

Join me LIVE for this 2-hour masterclass and process session on Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm ET.

  • Understand why you’re being misunderstood and how to stop taking it personally so that you’re free to show up fully expressed in all areas
    of your life and work.
  • Heal your wounds and release your fears around judgement, being misunderstood, or having your actions misinterpreted through group process work.
  • Learn to embrace the parts of yourself and your vision that are most frequently misunderstood, using them to access your greatest gifts and activate your purpose.
  • Develop the skill to turn the people who misunderstand you into your biggest supporters without changing who you are or how you show up—just by being YOU!

This is more than just a masterclass; it also includes cellular healing through process work.

These sessions are much like a guided visualization, only we’re venturing into the depths of your heart, soul, brain, and body.

This work focuses on clearing out trauma, grief, stored memories, and stuck emotions on a cellular level. We can often accomplish more than years of therapy in a single process while also giving you relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, and physical ailments. This work has, quite literally, given me my life back twice.