Proving Is an Energy That Stagnates

April 17, 2023

Proving is an energy that stagnates.

It’s a frequency of smallness, fear, and desperation that takes us away from what’s truly aligned and into a way of being that actively hinders our ability to actualize our full potential, closing off possibilities and pathways.

When we seek to prove our worth, value, deservingness, or lovability, we start playing inside a system that isn’t made for us. It’s a system designed by the other person (or society), with someone else determining what’s right or wrong, good or bad, worthy or not, and us contorting ourselves just to get a sense of external acceptance. And even if we gain that sense of acceptance, it’s not truly about who we are or our abilities because we’re not showing up fully expressed as who we’re here to be.

If you feel a need to prove yourself to others, they’re not for you.

If you feel the impulse to “show them” that you’re something, you’re out of alignment with your purpose and what you’re called to do in this life.

If you feel motivated to “win” somehow by being wealthier, more successful, in possession of better material goods, or to do something before them (get the new partner, get in better shape, etc.), you’re activating a subconscious winning strategy that will actually keep what you really want perpetually out of reach.

People often use this energy of proving as motivation, fueling themselves to achieve more, better, and different as quickly as possible to show someone something. To prove to themselves that they’re safe, secure, or successful.

It’s nothing more than evidence of an unhealed core wound and a set of unprocessed emotions that need to be addressed so that they can create a life, career, and relationships that are deeply fulfilling and aligned. Showing someone something does nothing more than illustrate that you haven’t healed from whatever they did that pained you.

Do the work.

Even when it hurts and especially when it’s hard.

Somatically, not intellectually.

Do the work to create freedom from these old people and experiences, taking away the weight you’ve given their opinions, judgments, and projections and giving yourself leverage to create what you desire… for yourself.

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