This Season of Business Is My Favorite and the Most Terrifying

April 8, 2023

This season of business is my favorite and the most terrifying and uncomfortable of all.

This calling of mine—this vision for the work that I’ve been holding close to my heart for the last seven years—is finally coming through, opening and stretching my soul in the process. Breaking down and rebuilding my human, pushing my edges, and expanding my capacity for leaning into what’s aligned while facing what’s hard and what hurts.

I’m being led to use my voice differently—literally and figuratively.

To take up more space in deeply disruptive and purposefully pointed ways.

To orient to other people, certain experiences, and past traumas from a perspective that creates more freedom and leverage than I’ve ever known at levels that completely shift what’s possible for me and all of us.

To stop waiting and holding back.

I’ve never been safer, more healed and grounded, or more loved and supported than I am right now.

By life, by others, or by myself.

And while I’m absolutely scared of what comes next, I’m summoning that same courage that carried me through the most challenging chapters of my life, and I’m learning to let myself do more than just lean in. I’m learning to trust fall in every sense of the phrase, in every area of my life.

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