Anchoring Has Been a Focal Point for Me Lately

March 6, 2023

Anchoring has been a focal point for me lately.

I’ve felt adrift since the cats died, fighting to anchor into a version of self, iteration of business, and life path that no longer exist because just as the boys left me, everything about my reality changed.

“I can’t find myself inside my own life,” I’d say with frustration, not realizing that I was searching for someone no longer there. Seeking comfort and grounded-ness in a life that had been wholly altered, dissolved, and created anew, seemingly overnight. All the while feeling clearer and more certain than in any other season. Rooted in the loudness of my yeses and leaping in with a wholeheartedness I’ve never known.

What a journey.

What a beautiful and disorienting uplevel.

What a glorious example of the duality that comes with healing and growth.

I told life I was ready, and it believed me.

It took me at my word and initiated a series of experiences, connections, and invitations that would stretch and shape me so rapidly it’s left my head spinning and my heart both broken and over-flowingly full. It forced me to show myself how committed I am to this next evolution in ways that stretched my soul past the points I thought I could handle, showing me just how strong and capable I am.

I told life I was ready, and it gave me more pathways to show up fully expressed, feel and transmute what’s hard and what hurts into more purposeful creations, and step into the person I’m here to be. It presented more opportunities to open, expand, trust, and grow, unfolding a path that I couldn’t have imagined a year (even three months) ago.

Transmutation is essential to living our purpose and creating meaningful contributions—be they channels of creation and conversation or those of expression.

When you say you want something, life won’t test you. It will lead you exactly where you need to be and through the things that will shape you most thoroughly so that you can have them. But if you’re unwilling to feel, process, and transmute the contractive states, you won’t end up where you want to be. You’ll stall out, get sick, anxious, and depressed, or continually self-sabotage.

Transmutation is a process and art that’s accessible at any time; you just need the willingness to feel your feelings and an understanding of how to work it.

I’m teaching this process for the first time March 14th – 16th in a brand new masterclass, and I’d love for you to join me. It won’t only be intellectual; it will be somatic and experiential, a powerful opportunity to take what’s weighing heavy on your heart and actively shift it into a tangible channel for change in your life and community, as well as our world as a whole. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Will I see you there?

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