Duality Makes Our Lives Richer

August 20, 2017

Grateful for new friends and old. The ones who are willing to drop in deep and talk about what it really means to exist inside the many layers of living this life. The ones who aren’t afraid of the dark, hard, messy parts. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone else’s.

Because that’s life, whether you want to admit and face it or not. Life is nothing if not a mess of confusing and challenging duality.

I still feel the gut wrenching heartbreak of my loss right alongside the immense gratitude for all the ways I’ve learned and grown in the aftermath. For all the people and experiences I’ve gained. I feel the overwhelming and terrifying weight of living in this world right alongside the pure love, joy, and appreciation for getting to be ALIVE. For getting a chance to experience all this life has to offer.

As Heather Havrilesky writes: “When you’re truly alive, sometimes it’s scary and messy and even hauntingly awful. Sometimes you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and it’s terrible and it’s also amazing. Sometimes life is so insanely sad and so good at the same time.”

Duality makes our lives richer, our hearts fuller, and our experiences more memorable. There’s room for all of it… and the sooner you’re willing to make space for the parts that aren’t pretty and happy and fun, the more intensely you’ll experience all the beauty and joy this life has to offer.

That I know for sure.


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