Life Looks Very Different These Days

March 8, 2023

Life looks very different these days—where I am, the conversations I’m engaged in, what I’m creating, and the people I’m with.

It’s beautiful and expansive at depths I always wanted but others told me were “too much” or “unrealistic.”

I’m so grateful I didn’t listen.

That I decided I wouldn’t settle for less, even if what I desired was impossible.

That I said no to every “close, but not quite” along the way.

That I picked myself up off the floor and gave it another go every time life knocked me on my ass.

That I did the challenging work to heal my heart, grow through every struggle, and claw my way back from a darkness that nearly consumed me.

Life looks very different these days.

And how I show up here, in my work, and in the world as a whole is about to drastically change in ways that are long, long overdue. I’ve wrestled with myself and my purpose for two years now, working to uncover what it means to show up fully expressed and build a body of work that’s “the future of life purpose development.”

Now I know.

Now I’m beyond ready.

Now I’m supported and aligned.

Now all the missing people and pieces are present.

This space will be shifting—how I show up, share, and create—and new invitations are coming.

Not just opportunities to engage in this work but new conversations, experiences, and relationships to support you in living your purpose and contributing to the world in the way that only you can. New faces that will add to and accelerate your journey more fully than I could ever do on my own.

It’s time.

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