Healing From Grief and Trauma More Rapidly

July 19, 2021

“It feels like a lifetime ago,” I said with a big exhale. “Like I remember feeling it, but it doesn’t resonate for me anymore.”

I dropped deep between four significant processes these last two weeks (and phew, I still have more to go this month!)

What felt intense and present for me at the start of July now feels like years ago.

This is the power of processing.

What felt like it would take ages for me to clear and move out of my system is gone just a handful of weeks later. I feel light, happy, and completely free of it.

Do things always move that quickly?

No, they don’t.

Sometimes it takes time to process out the deeper pieces, especially when we’re not ready to go there yet. But the deeper we’re able to drop into this work, the more willing we are to face ourselves, and the more we allow ourselves to empty out with zero resistance, the faster things move and the freer we begin to feel.

And goodness, there’s nothing quite like waking up in a world where what and who used to bring you grief are no longer factors. It becomes something you remember feeling, someone you remember having experiences with, and a clear sense of distance and disconnect from everything that kept you hooked in.

There’s nothing but a whole lot of openness and peace.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be layers that come up for clearing down the road; that’s often how healing from trauma and loss looks.

We don’t always know what’s stored in our bodies or hearts until something comes along and triggers those old, buried feelings.

But every time a new layer comes up, it’s an invitation to find more profound freedom and peace.

I, for one, will always happily accept that invitation. It’s always worth it, and process work creates a much more rapid path to freedom.

(Message me or book a free 30-minute consultation if you need support! I’m loving bringing more and more of this work to my clients as well.)

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