Around Here

July 17, 2021

Around here I’m making new friends who feel peaceful to be around, invite me on fun adventures, and introduce me to their sweet little furry friends.

Around here I’m deep into a month of process work and feeling lighter and more free every week. The processes have been intense to say the least, but this work is magic and I’m loving learning more ways to go deep in myself and with my clients.

Around here I’m grateful for the cooler temps that are finally rolling in because those heatwaves were something fierce (and cost me a radiator).

Around here I’m getting back into training for running and it feels so nice.

Around here I’ve been writing and writing and writing some more. Some things that make sense for what I’m focused on in my work and next book, and some things that I didn’t expect to be writing. It’s cracking me open which is always good times.

Around here I’m feeling so much gratitude for my amazing friends. The way they show up for me when I need them is something seriously special.

Around here I’m anchoring into the vision for this next chapter of my life and feeling deeply excited and inspired. I’m ready to move, have the new adventures, and launch all the new things, yet it’s not quite time. Soon. And in the meantime, I’m trying to be present and relish in the ending of this season of my life and work.

Around here I’m teaching Journey Mapping live in our Coaching + Community group and loving it so much. This work is my heart.

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