I’m Getting Good at Making the Right Choice

July 16, 2021

I’m getting good at making the right choice.

Not the easy one. Not even the one that might be tugging at my heartstrings. But the right one.

We hear it all the time—the right choice isn’t always the easiest—but living it is another story because sometimes making the right choice is downright awful. It can be heartbreaking and terrifying. It can mean letting go of people and things you never wanted to lose, communities and places you never thought you’d leave.

Here’s what I’ve learned about making the right choice: not only is it always worth the heartache, the losses help us grow and become more of who we’re here to be. It’s not a reflection of the caliber of what and who we let go of, rather a result of doing what’s most aligned for us.

Right will always outweigh easy, and it will always be best for everyone involved.

Not everyone will see it that way, and some will fight against these choices with everything they have. But right for you is still right for you, and nobody gets to tell you it’s wrong.

Trust your truth.
Release your grip.
Surrender to the unfolding.

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