Around Here

April 2, 2022

Around here, I’m home in New Mexico after a cold and exhausting move. This means I’m back with family, filling my belly with delicious green chile concoctions, and battling all the sand storms and allergies I completely forgot about.

Around here, I’m spending time with my sister and nephew, grateful to be home and held by so much love and support. We’ve had movie nights, spring break shenanigans, and a bout of the flu—together. 😅

Around here, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress in a guest room for the last month, and transitioning houses in the coming week. Much about my plans for New Mexico have changed rapidly, a story I’ll tell you in my next vlog. But it’s okay. In fact, it’s perfect in ways I could never have planned for if I’d tried.

Around here, I’m feeling rested in ways I haven’t for some time. I’m feeling at home in myself and my life, present and connected at a level I’d lost without realizing it.

Around here, I’m learning from new coaches and mentors and deepening into new ways of being. Aligning my energy and frequency with the things I want to create. It’s allowed me to create some very special things, incredibly unexpectedly.

Around here, I’m happy. Oh so happy in a way I couldn’t be anywhere else. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and made the move back home.

Around here, I’m ready to come back online in ways I’ve taken a break from. I feel far more anchored in myself and my work, ready to share the lessons, write the books, and launch all the things. Ready to be more visible and start working with people in the ways my heart feels called. Ready to re-engage with my audience, live my lessons out loud again, and learn new ways of sharing while still holding certain things close to my heart. Beautiful and special things I’m so grateful to have.

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