How We Get Back Into Flow

April 1, 2022

There are times I’m not in flow.

Times like a period of months last year.

There were reasons. A breakup that rocked my world and brought so many core wounds to the surface. A realization that my self-worth had tanked and ongoing efforts to process all the reasons why. Living in a place that made my soul feel weary and stagnant. Ridiculous issues with the place I was living. Car trouble after car trouble after car trouble.

But really, those reasons aren’t why I fell out of flow.

It’s that I bought into the stories, hung out too long in those low-frequency states, and allowed myself to stagnate because I felt stuck.

And from that space, I entered into more experiences that perpetuated what was keeping me from creating what I wanted.

It’s not that our feelings about these experiences are wrong.

They’re not, in any way, shape, or form.

I don’t believe that our contractive emotions need to be bypassed or plastered over with polished positivity for us to create what we want.

That’s just toxic positivity and new age bullshit, to be frank.

It can be frustrating when you have repeated car trouble.

It can be heartbreaking and sad to navigate a breakup.

It can be infuriating when people don’t do their jobs.

It can be depressing when someone treats you like garbage.

It can be sad when a friendship comes to a close.

There’s nothing wrong with these feelings.

Our emotions are just energy in motion, and the only time we get it wrong is when we stuff them down, tell stories that spool them even bigger, or stew in them rather than allowing them to move right through us.

My feelings during that period weren’t the reason I fell out of flow.

What I allowed those feelings to become is what did it.

Look, I’ve been doing this work for a while.

Like, over 14 years a while!

And I still fall prey to this at times. Especially times of massive up-leveling and growth because it’s an easy way for my subconscious to get me to stop and stay in the known and familiar (even when I consciously want things in my life, work, and relationships to be massively different).

Until I remember that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are; transforming our situations and making impossible things happen is a process. It’s not magic. It’s not reserved for “special” or “positive” people. It’s a process anyone can activate around at any time.

And so I did.

And the transformations began happening again.

The shifts internally created shifts externally.

This process is the basis of all my work, which is why I work so hard to live true to it and embody it every day.

Sometimes I wobble, like we all do.

But the second I activate and recalibrate, the world reconfigures around me.

Grab my free workbook below to get started on this for yourself.

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