Navigating Seasons of Healing, Growth, and Low Self-Worth

March 1, 2022

I have an exciting update today.

I’ve spent the last nine months in a season of deep healing and growth, one that’s been hugely centered around the work of raising my self-worth. I’ve shared about this on the blog quite a bit as it’s happened. Truth be told, sometimes I get tired of talking about healing and growth because it’s felt like a never-ending theme in my life, especially since my loss. I can feel like a broken record, constantly talking about digging in and clearing core wounds and having big moments of clarity.

But this is how it goes…

Healing and growth are ongoing.

And when you have an experience (or several) that rattles you to your core, there’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into reclaiming yourself, raising your self-worth and sense of deservingness, and stepping into the person you’re here to be. It takes time and intention, and there are layers to this work.

And each new layer brings up more to process (or more sides and aspects of things we’ve already worked on), gain clarity around, and release. On the other side of each layer we peel back and break free from, we find more of ourselves and our truths. We iterate and evolve, just like we’re wired to do throughout our lifetime.

This work isn’t supposed to stop.

As usual, I’m incredibly grateful for this last season.

I’ve never been so clear on who I am and who I’m becoming.

(And yes, I look forward to the next time I get to say that because it means I’ll have grown and healed and evolved into myself even more.)

So, an exciting share today…

Season two of Tales from the Journey begins today!

Today we’re talking about why I took such a long hiatus after season one ended. I’m sharing a bit of what I experienced in my personal life, the transformational work I did, and updating you on season two’s flow. If you’re navigating a challenging chapter or big life transition, struggling with low self-worth and an inability to show up fully expressed, or you’re ready to make impossible things happen, this season is for you! Listen to the episode here, or watch the video on YouTube.

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