Freedom Is Worth the Discomfort of the Deeper Work

December 6, 2021

“It ripped me open,” I shared with the group. “It was awful in the best of ways, and I would do it again a hundred times over.”

We were talking about our experiences with the deeper process work we’d done together earlier in the summer.

The work that gave me the gift of freedom at entirely new levels.

The work that resourced me so well I was finally able to leave certain unhealthy bonds behind, untangle from patterns that had kept me stuck for years, and step out of old ways of being that anchored me in low self-worth.

I feel more free and peaceful and wholly unattached to the deeply wounded needs that kept me in lower vibrational states and relationships.

I have a tremendous amount of trust in myself and the universe. I’m able to rest in the knowing that I’m loved and supported because it’s constantly reflected back to me, even when circumstance suggests I should expect otherwise.

I’m more optimistic about my work, my love life, my ability to manifest, and my life as a whole. Totally and completely humbled by what’s possible when we do this deeper work wholeheartedly and without resistance.

So, yeah.

Process work is awful.

It’s wildly confronting and revealing.

It shines a light on the ugliest parts of our ego, our deepest wounding and shame, and all the many things we’d rather keep hidden away. It forces us to face the feelings we fight so hard to avoid with all our energy in every waking moment, the emotions that trigger our oldest and most debilitating stories and beliefs. It brings forth the harshest memories we’ve kept tucked in the deepest crevices of our mind, the ones we’ve worked so hard to forget because they’re so painful to face.

This is why most people don’t do the deeper healing work.

They dip their toe in here or there, having an epiphany and calling it healed. But freedom doesn’t come from dabbling in this work; it comes from diving deep. From allowing the revelations to rip you open so all that no longer serves you spills into the light, and you can bathe it in love and acceptance. So that you can empty out all that needs to be felt and spoken, so it no longer lives in your tissue and cells.

I’ve let go of old patterns that caused so much drama, stress, and strain.

The need to be seen.

The desperate desire to feel chosen.

The craving for people who aren’t available to me.

The attachment to being everything to everyone in my life and work.

The wounded parts of me that are addicted to struggle.

The lack of trust and inability to surrender.

The need to control and direct over the softness of my feminine.

The desire to be perceived as unique and different.

We all have things unconsciously driving us that are rooted in our core wounds, subconscious programming, and winning strategies.

It can be challenging to see them ourselves, and even if we can, it can be even more difficult to let them go. For one, we don’t know how to exist in a world where we don’t need to behave in these ways to stay safe, secure, and successful.

But also because they bring us a certain sense of comfort.

These coping and control mechanisms are like a security blanket, as twisted as it sounds (and can be). They may produce harmful consequences and feel awful, but we know how to operate in these ways. We know how to contort ourselves to deliver outcomes and get attention or results through these ways of being.

But speaking from experience…

Freedom is worth the pain and discomfort of doing the deeper healing work.

A hundred, thousand, trillion times over.

You can feel centered, peaceful, and calm, regardless of how other people behave or what outside circumstances look like. You can create opportunities, relationships, and experiences that exceed your wildest dreams as a result of releasing your oldest patterns and wounded ways of being. You can be deeply loved and supported simply because you know you deserve and are worthy of it.

Choose freedom.

Choose deeper healing.

Choose true growth.

Schedule a consultation with me today, and let’s dive into this work together.

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