A Sneak Peek at What I’m Creating Now

December 8, 2021

Not a lot of people know that I started out my career as a graphic designer.

(Some people don’t even know I still offer design services!)

More specifically, I got my start in print design.

I loved it so much, and multi-page layouts were my jam. Taking a mess of content and organizing it across the pages in a way that made it beautiful, compelling, and easy to digest. Picking color swatches, prepping files for print, going to press checks, and holding the final product in my hands. It was chaotic and stressful in the most exhilarating ways (you can’t just fix and republish a typo, you have to catch that mess before they produce hundreds of thousands of physical copies!)

I still have a box full of samples of things I worked on. 🥰

As I work on this new suite of products, I’m rekindling my love for design, and it feels really nurturing to my soul. Website design and branding for online-focused businesses is its own kind of fun, but it’s not the same as print work for me.

My love for print goes back a long way.

You can see my first little newspapers on my story page.

I also still have the Publisher user’s manual from our first time owning that software as a kid. I thought it was so cool that you could design anything you wanted right at home. Flyers, newspapers, brochures—I wanted to make them all.

So, it’s fitting to me that the first new book I’ve been working on is all about threading the storyline of our purpose in life.

The thread of my purpose in this life has been present throughout the years.

It’s so obvious looking back that I’d be doing what I do today.

I was existential.

Deeply drawn to art, design, and creating things.

I was always writing and focused on self-expression.

And wanting to create change in the world was always important.

Creating these products feels so aligned and fulfilling, I can’t even tell you.

I’ve said for years that I’m happiest when I’m sitting around making stuff. And that’s what my life has begun to look like. Writing. Editing. Designing. Rinse. Repeat. Creating these books allows me to go deep on the most critical topics to healing and growth, finding our passions and purpose, making the impossible happen, and building a business that gives us more freedom in our lives.

I’m so excited for the first big shop update coming early next year.

I’ve given myself permission to just play.

To treat each book as its own entity.

To explore my creativity and flex my artistic and design muscles in ways I haven’t for… years. I’ve been looking at other people’s work, revisiting old design books I love, and just experimenting as I go. I want this body of work to truly reflect the messages I have to share, but also me. Who I am as a passionate person, multi-faceted thought leader, and messy creative in this world.

It’s a lot of work, let me tell you.

It’s no small feat to produce a book, no matter the length, and we’re producing multiple books, workbooks, and other products for this shop update. Why? Because it’s important to me to step more fully into who I’m here to be—to show up fully expressed and aligned. And I’m someone who’s more prolific than most.

I haven’t produced at this level in nearly seven years.

Something I wrote about here.

And while this year has given me many things to be grateful for, I might be the most thankful for my motivation, creativity, and energy coming back. For the freedom to show up fully and give my gifts to the world again in the ways I desire.

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