There Are Layers to Healing and Growth

March 19, 2021

Flashback to the end of 2017.

I’m wearing my glasses because I was sick with pink eye, strep, bronchitis, and an ear infection for what felt like an eternity. After all, my immune system and adrenals were still shot.

It had been almost three years since my loss and what felt like only a handful of months since I found my way out of the toxic and abusive relationship that followed. I was still struggling with swallowing issues, still fighting to make sense of myself and my life. And still struggling to pay the bills and stay afloat.

I’m a shell of myself; I just don’t know it yet.

And despite the year of incredible income, tremendous healing and growth, and a move to the mountains that’s about to follow, it will be a while before I really start coming back to life again.

There are layers to healing and stepping into our purpose.

Shifts, changes, and awarenesses that leave us feeling clearer and lighter each time they come. Moments where we feel like “we’re back!” Or like we’re finally rooting more deeply into ourselves and our truth. There’s never just one day where the journey comes to a halt; it’s an endless string of transformational moments.

Today, it’s been over six years since my loss and three since I left the most traumatic relationship of my life. I’ve healed and grown so much. I’ve never felt so free to be me, so safe in my skin, and so secure in who I am and who I’m becoming. Yet, I’m also presently on the verge of another significant period of reclaiming the parts of myself I lost. Of stepping back into specific ways of being that brought so much alive inside me before loss and trauma took me out at the knees.

Healing and growth are a process and a journey.
What it means to live our purpose is always shifting.
Life is always unfolding and shaping us as it does.

There’s no moment of arrival, just constant surrender.

Trust yourself to keep leaning in and navigating the process.

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