Not Every Day Is a Good Day

March 18, 2021

Not every day is a good day.

My day was hard and frustrating in more ways than one. Things definitely didn’t go as planned, and I didn’t feel the best physically. And yet, it was lovely and fulfilling and woven with tiny moments of joy and excitement.

Not every day is a good day.
But that’s okay; it’s as it should be.

Pushing edges and going for more is challenging work. Every time we do it, we go against our subconscious programming, and all hell seems to break loose in the process.

But nothing is wrong.

And it doesn’t mean anything other than it wasn’t our favorite day. It doesn’t mean anything other than today didn’t go as planned, and some things were hard or upsetting. That’s it. That’s all that happened.

When we learn to unhook from the stories and interpretations, that’s when the magic happens. That’s how we start living a life rooted in joy and purpose. Because we’re not allowing the obstacles that come with living in this crazy and chaotic world to dictate what we believe is true or possible.

Not every day is a good day, but when we break free from our subconscious drama, we raise our baseline for everything good we desire. For the experience of peace, joy, purpose, and passion to become the norm.

Feel your feelings.
Settle your nervous system.
And self-care like whoa.

Tomorrow’s a new day, and whatever happened today doesn’t have to dictate how it goes or how it feels.

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