Focusing on Visibility for Greater Impact

March 18, 2021

This year I’m really focused on visibility.

Taking up space, making more noise, taking strong stances around the conversations that matter, and being undeniable.

I’ve been pretty visible throughout the life of my business compared to many, as I’ve always prioritized creating content and pushing it out into the world. I’ve always made it a point to share regularly. Though that’s ebbed a bit during the times I’ve dealt with personal happenings and the health issues that followed.

Writing, creating, and sharing is part of who I am.

And in doing so, it’s afforded me so many incredible opportunities over the years. I was invited to write for big sites like Huffington Post and Thought Catalog, became a regular contributor on Positively Positive, and taught classes for Brian Johnson’s En*theos Academy back when it was bustling. Some of those articles still drive a high amount of traffic and new connections my way—years later!

But the truth is…

I’ve never been super intentional about visibility.

Creating and pushing out content, yes.

But visibility? Being a guest expert? Getting my work featured? Creating media opportunities? Cultivating high profile collaborations? Nope.

I’ve created opportunities to be found and invited by sharing content on social media, my blog, and in different forums over the years (and engaging with other incredible humans in the space). But I never made it a priority to get my message out far and wide like I’m doing now.

As I started thinking about the next level for my business, I realized visibility is crucial to our mission of helping individuals, organizations, and brands uncover or deepen their purpose to show up fully aligned and fully expressed. So they can make the impact they’re here to make and help transform the world in all the ways that are so desperately needed.

Our Journey Mapping and Make The Impossible Happen processes work.

Our approach to business building and brand strategy works.

Our website packages are streamlined and effective.

Our tips books and my memoir are impacting people all over the world.

We’ve built this incredible body of work for over a decade, and it all works!

It’s helping people who are struggling to rise up and come back in the aftermath of loss, trauma, depression, and other big life transitions; passionate individuals looking to become profitable entrepreneurs by building businesses around their callings; as well as thought leaders who are looking to step into the next level with their work by expanding their reach, bringing in more qualified leads, and making a greater impact, all while increasing their bottom line.

That’s worth shouting from the rooftops!

Even more importantly, one of our top core values and focuses this year is accessibility:

We create affordable options to access our work, no matter a person’s socioeconomic status. Justice and social change, giving back to our communities, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial to our mission. We also believe in truth and transparency in all that we do.

It’s one reason we launched the podcast and Coaching + Community, and why we’re turning our programs into affordable workbooks over this coming year.

I want all of this work to be more accessible to everyone because unresolved grief and trauma are at the root of so much suffering and pain in this world. People are getting sick and dying because they’re not able to live life fully expressed. Unexpressed creativity, purpose, and talent metastasize in the body, just like unexpressed emotions. It literally kills us. It leaves us sick, depressed, and anxious—too beaten down to contribute what we’re here to contribute, which comes at a cost. To ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

Helping people live their purpose is my purpose.

As is disrupting all the ????‘d up systems that strip us of who we really are from the moment we’re born, but that’s a whole other conversation!

And a big piece of living my purpose and helping others live theirs is visibility.

Taking up space, making more noise, taking strong stances around the conversations that matter, and being undeniable.

So here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

Restoring old blogs and bringing back the lifestyle/personal aspect.

I talked about this in a recent post, and it’s about leading by example. I’m not particularly fond of being front and center in my brand, but I’ve made peace with it being “part of the job description” to do my work. So I do it. And I’ve personally worked very hard at my healing and growth to create the life and business I want—along with the lifestyle I want. I’m committed to living my lessons out loud in this space to inspire others.

Researching aligned podcasts and reaching out to collaborate.

It’s about being interviewed on their show to share my message with a wider audience in a fruitful way. The thing I love about my work (and because I’ve been doing it for so long) is that I can adapt it to any conversation, topic, or audience. I have a handful of signature talks I’ve put together, and I’m working on more for business and brand-focused audiences. I also have a ton of life experiences I’m willing to share. I’ve always been an open book when it comes to my work because I believe that’s important. Our stories are meant to be shared. It’s what allows us to connect and heal, realizing we’re not alone and leaning on other people’s experiences, wisdom, and insights as we navigate our own lives.

We’ve done a TON of research and have a growing spreadsheet where we track the hundreds of shows we’ve found, contact information, topics, and outreach, as well as what shows I’ve been on and the info once they’ve aired so we can share them with our audience too.

If you’re interested in this process for yourself, head on over to Your Passion-Based Business and hop on the email list. We’ll turn our research, templates, and process into a very low-cost download and training soon!

Streamlining our social media and content creation.

I shared a bit about this in my latest vlog.

It’s about creating a baseline content calendar for our primary sites, channels, and brands. I’ve always had a baseline social media strategy since as far back as I can remember! I choose the type of content to share, what channels to push them out on, and when I’m going to share what. Now that our company and brands have grown, we have content go out regularly for Awesome Life Tips®Call of the Void®Your Passion-Based Business, and my personal social media and blog. We’ll soon be adding content to the design business, but we will focus on SEO-based “pillar posts” that generate traffic without regularly posting (more about that soon).

Networking, connecting with new people, and masterminding.

I’ve spent the last two and a half years intentionally isolated. It was a huge need when I made my move to the mountains. I needed to learn how to hear myself again after years of becoming dependent on those around me after trauma.

And truthfully, I’ve loved the quietness of my life here.

I’ve loved having nowhere to be, no one to see, and no community to engage with. Being a stranger to everyone everywhere I go. It’s allowed me to rest and recover and to hear myself again in all the ways I needed. And it gave me room to breathe in ways I didn’t know I needed. That said, it’s also been hard at times not having people to call on when I need a ride or some help. Not having friends to watch the cats when I travel or refer me to service providers.

I made some friends here at different times but never really pursued relationships. Now though? It’s time to reenter the world. Locally (when places reopen) and online. I feel ready, excited to do so, and already joined a great little business mastermind this week! I’m participating more in communities, connecting with more entrepreneurs and creatives, and thinking about the kinds of in-person events, groups, and workshops I’ll attend (and start myself!) once it’s safe.

Having the conversations I want to have.

Everywhere. As often as I can.

With my friends. In Facebook groups. On social media. In articles. On our show and other people’s podcasts. Conversation is a HUGE piece of making the impossible possible… in fact, it’s the most essential kind of action you can take. So I’m really focusing on engaging in more and more conversations about my vision, mission, work, and goals. The more we share what we’re working towards, the more likely we will create opportunities and connections that move us forward. Even a stranger at the park can open us to new ideas or opportunities! But we have to be willing to have the conversations that lead to it.

There’s so much more I’ll be doing!

Including redesigning and optimizing our sites, focusing on PR and Media outreach, and more… so stay tuned.

I’ll share more as those things unfold.

Where are you focused on visibility in your work or life?

And if you’re not, how would doing so help you reach your goals more quickly?

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