Navigating Fear and Terror When Going for More

March 2, 2022

People have called me fearless throughout my life, but I don’t resonate with that at all.

In fact, “fear-filled” is what I’d call myself.

Pushing our edges in healing, growth, and doing the impossible means we’re going to get to know fear and terror all too well. It’s just a part of the process. Where we go wrong is believing that all the ways our subconscious fears derail us mean that we’re not capable of having what we want or that the Universe is telling us to stop.

Really, we’re just in a normal part of the expansion process that most people don’t even realize is supposed to happen.

In today’s new video, I’m talking about:

  • Why I don’t believe anyone is really fearless, including me (0:24)
  • The truth about people doing big, hard, scary things (0:55)
  • What the Terror Barrier is and how it shows up (1:35)
  • Why we stay stuck in challenging and painful situations (2:15)
  • Is the Universe giving you signs that you should stop? (2:36)
  • Why things get harder when we’re going for what we want (4:10)
  • The critical things you need to understand about fear (5:02)
  • How we can move forward and stop sabotage (6:03)

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