Your Life Can Transform Rapidly When You Understand This

March 28, 2022

Your story is unfolding right now, in this moment and the next.

What kind of story are you writing?

If it’s not the one you want, the typical thought is, “it’s time to make a change.”

But change isn’t the answer.

Change is adjusting our doing.

Change results in incremental improvements.

Change keeps us in the limited realm of “possibilities” based solely on what’s been possible for us in the past.

Change only slightly adjust our trajectory.

If you want to write a completely different story for yourself and your life—starting in this moment and the next—you have to transform yourself.

Because when you transform yourself, the Universe reconfigures around you and everything about your life transforms with you.

It sounds crazy, I know.

Just like I know how some of the transformations in my life, business, finances, and relationships have looked crazy, even to myself.

Like when I went from having no money to consistent five-figure months. And when I say “no money,” I mean NO money. I was literally living off of a $150 check that I’d cashed so I wouldn’t lose the funds to overdraft fees (which I got after running out of money in the middle of Iowa. $150 carried me for two weeks.

Or like the time I decided to make a massive shift and move to the mountains to reset my life. I wanted to buy a 4runner I could travel and sleep in the back of. So I did. Within weeks of declaring my desire, I bought my rig and moved to the mountains despite my lease and lack of credit from the bankruptcy I’d recently filed.

Or the period after my loss where my soul deeply craved the masculine to hold me, and was suddenly surrounded by more incredible men than I could count. Men who loved me, supported me, showed up for me, and taught me how to receive.

There are so many examples from my life.

Examples that followed the same pattern:


Full-being decision.

Organizing myself, my energy, and my way of being around it.


But it’s not magic, is it?

It’s just the way the Universe works.

We shift, it responds.

We decide and move in faith; it meets us halfway.

We transform, the whole world reconfigures around us.

But it’s not just “fake it til’ you make it.”

It’s so much more than that.

And that’s exactly what I support my clients with.

Book a consultation with me today! I’ve opened more spots for private coaching clients in 30-day or three-month containers to help you transform yourself and your world and make “magic” happen more quickly than you thought possible.

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