You Have to Be Decided

January 8, 2019

There was one specific element that allowed me to call in exactly what I wanted this last year, consistently. Everything from the perfect 4Runner for adventures into the wilderness… to the exact apartment I envisioned in the canyon I love… to the clients, projects, and income I wanted to hit… to a sweet, kind, handsome soul who truly sees and hears me in all the ways that matter.


I didn’t just declare that I wanted what I wanted.
I didn’t just visualize and get clear on the details.
I didn’t just ‘do things’ to move towards it.

I decided.

Like really, truly, full body and soul decided.

You know the difference… but it’s mostly unconscious.

Think about a time you already decided what you wanted. Maybe it was your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant. Maybe it was the new phone you knew you were going to buy when it was time for an upgrade. Whatever it was, you had already decided. And that decision influenced the ways in which you showed up from that moment on.

There was no looking at the menu.
No considering the options or exploring possibilities.
No research to be done or pros and cons to be weighed.

You were decided.
And you acted accordingly.
How you showed up in the world shifted.
What you wanted was inevitable.


That is the key to having exactly what you want.

I’m sharing a few specific experiences in more detail in today’s vlog. For you… but also as a reminder to myself of what’s possible when we decide it is.

As Tracy Goss writes in my favorite book, Last Word on Power, “you have total authority with regard to what you say is possible and not possible in your future.”

Total authority, friends.


But, only if you decide that you do.

Have you decided?

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