Have Trust and Faith in Yourself

March 13, 2019

I talk a lot about choice, because healing, growth, and stepping into new ways of being require so much choice. Daily. Weekly. Moment to moment. Choice is everything and it can be the most challenging aspect of change.

I talk a lot about choice, but I don’t always talk enough about how much trust and faith choice requires.

Sometimes creating what you desire starts with knowing what you want and stepping into a new way of being that allows you to call it in. It involves using your vision as a guidepost to move yourself forward. You choose to take one step after another until you get there. It’s not always easy, but it’s simple.

Sometimes though, choice requires jumping wholeheartedly into a heap of unknowns… with no idea what comes next, let alone how you’re going to create it. Sometimes it requires leaning in and trusting that something is actually possible, even though you’ve never seen or experienced it before.

That’s the very definition of faith, is it not?

But I think faith is more complex than we make it out to be. It’s not just about declaring to the Universe that we believe and trust things will work out as they’re meant to… it’s not as simple as deciding to have confidence that something is possible, despite the lack of proof… it also involves having trust and faith in YOURSELF. In your ability to make the conscious and continuous choice to show up and create what you desire.

Because creating what we desire when we don’t have any context for what it could look and feel like in our own life doesn’t just involve choosing it… it requires trust and faith. Not just in the possibility of impossibilities, but in ourselves.

If you don’t trust yourself enough, you’re never going to leap. You’re never going to dig into the challenging aspects of this work. You’re never going to fully heal or realize your true potential.

If you’re not making the choices you know you need to make, start by asking yourself where you don’t trust yourself enough to do so.

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