Are your money beliefs limiting your success?

May 15, 2019

We’ve all been there:

Feeling as if you’re not good enough to charge that much.

And believe me, I know it takes awhile to build up your confidence… in your work… how you run your business… and owning your worth and value.

That said, you will have to scale your business eventually.

And scaling your business doesn’t always mean finding more clients, selling more products, and upping the number of hours you’re working… more often than not it means earning more.

Doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your prices.

Moving from “trading dollars for hours” to a value-based model.

Creating high-level offerings and packages.

Finding a recurring revenue stream that works for you.

How do these things make you feel? 

Scared? Uncomfortable? Doubtful? Resistant?

If you’re nodding yes, we need to address your money beliefs.

First things first: money isn’t supposed to intimidate you.

Money’s here to serve you and your purpose.

In order to live out your purpose, do your work in the world, and serve as many people as possible, you have to have the means to do so.

Here are some of the most common negative money beliefs we all have:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money brings more problems and stress
  • People who have a lot of money are greedy and bad
  • Only the rich get richer and the rest of us never have enough  
  • I don’t deserve to earn that MUCH money 
  • I won’t be able to sell if I charge what I want or what I’m worth  
  • There’s never enough money

And on and on… I can’t tell you how many amazing and talented people I’ve seen struggling to get by because they’ve been subconsciously sabotaging themselves by believing the lies they tell themselves about money.

Your beliefs are the only thing standing between you and your success. Clearing money blocks is less about money and more about changing your mindset.

Now, I’m not one to recommend fluffy affirmations as a way to clear money blocks (or any blocks for that matter). Mindset change takes time, dedication, and a whole heap of deep, intentional work—but it’s not impossible.

While I recommend you take a look at my Master Your Mindset Bundle, I understand this is a process. And since processes work differently for different people, I don’t want to rush you. You do you, okay?

Until you’re ready to do the next step, here are a few tips to help you clear your money blocks…

Be aware of your limiting beliefs.

Every single successful entrepreneur out there has had to address their money beliefs in order to grow and scale. You’re not alone in this.

They’re regular people, who just happened to be aware of their limiting beliefs and worked hard enough to change them.

Bring awareness to what you’re thinking, believing, and FEELING about money. How you manage your money (or not)? Where do you sell yourself and your work short? Where do you give discounts or feel resentful?

AND, be sure to look more closely at what you feel and believe when you see someone who is making a LOT of money… what’s the story you tell about wealth? How is that serving you?

Uncover the roots of your money beliefs.

Most of the time, these roots go waaaaay back.

For example, maybe your parents always argued about money so you (your brain, actually) decided that money is bad and stressful. Maybe you had a figure of influence—think your favorite teacher or a close grandparent—who said that money is quick to come and quick to go.

Whatever the belief, you have to dig deep and find it’s roots. Where did you learn this? Who told you this and why did you believe them? Is it true? What if it wasn’t? What would you rather choose to believe instead?

Confronting it won’t be comfortable, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

YOU are worth it.

Know it’s not only about the money.

Okay, clearly there’s a certain financial gain here. But letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you isn’t about money alone. Everything is interconnected, which means how you act and feel about money (as well as what you believe), influences every other aspect of your life. It’s about self-worth.

You’re dealing with energy that’s been stuck in a specific way for most of your life… and once that energy shifts into something different (a new belief or way of being), miraculous things start to happen! Ultimately, clearing your money blocks is about making room for abundance in ALL areas of your life.

Now, that’s really something money can’t buy! 😉

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