THIS Is Often Why You Struggle to Do Things in Your Business

July 1, 2021

There are many reasons why we struggle to create certain things in our businesses: not enough time, not enough money, not enough support, or less than ideal market/economic conditions and circumstances.

But what about the internal pieces?

Believe it or not, even if you didn’t have a bad or traumatic childhood (or experience it at some point in your life), unresolved grief and trauma are often at the core of why we struggle so much with the simple tasks in our business.

Trauma, big and small, embeds in our nervous system and informs how we see the world and what we believe is safe and possible.

Some of the internal core blocks that stop us can include:

1. Not feeling heard or understood.

If you often felt like the black sheep or like you didn’t belong, and no one understood you, it can become challenging to express yourself.

Trying to write a simple bio or about page for your website can leave you in a state of freeze or cause you to activate your favorite procrastination methods.

Personally, I’m a big fan of productive procrastination! 😉

I’ll do everything but the thing I need to do… and often, there’s a reason why we can’t do the simple things. We have to unpack our core wounds and subconscious strategies to understand and move into action.

2. Never feeling good enough, no matter what you did.

This is a biggie for a lot of people.

If we didn’t feel like we were good enough, smart enough, talented enough, funny enough, good-looking enough, or anything-else-enough, it’s hard to own our worth when it comes to putting our work out into the world. We don’t know how to price ourselves, overwork, or end up with clients we don’t love.

It also makes it really hard to show up and shout about our awesomeness from the virtual rooftops (a.k.a. market ourselves and our offerings)!

Getting past this requires raising and owning your worth wholeheartedly.

3. Someone else’s voice lives inside your head.

Did your third-grade teacher tell you that you were a terrible artist or that you couldn’t write well to save your life? Did your parents or siblings laugh at you when you failed or messed up at things? Did someone compare your effort and work to someone else who was deemed “better” at it than you?

We all have at least one person who got inside our heads.

We believed the lie(s) they told us from their limited worldview and irrelevant experience and let it inform the rest of our life! Maybe they didn’t like your writing, but that doesn’t make you a bad writer. Perhaps they didn’t get your art, but that doesn’t mean your art isn’t influential.

You have to unpack the beliefs and find their root (who they came from) so that you can replace them with new—TRUE!—beliefs about yourself and your work.

4. You feel like you have to get it perfect.

Perfectionism is something that trips up a lot of business owners.

It has to be absolutely perfect before you put anything out there.

While there’s something to be said about doing things with excellence, this is often rooted in deep fear from early life.

For some, not being perfect at best meant being made fun of or never hearing the end of it. At worst, it could have led to emotional or physical abuse. If it doesn’t feel safe to be anything but perfect, we’re not likely ever going to feel comfortable putting something out into the world because perfect is subjective!

Working through this core block requires an understanding that there’s no such thing as perfect. It’s all relative, subjective, and ever-changing. What matters is what feels RIGHT to you, and getting it out into the world “imperfectly” is far better than never getting it out at all.

These aren’t the only core blocks that show up.

Especially if you had a bad childhood or traumatic experiences.

But don’t worry! If you resonate with any of these blocks or feel there might be something deeper getting in the way, I have a process that helps tremendously.

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This work is especially helpful if you’re still trying to pinpoint your passions and purpose and feel like it’s an impossible struggle!

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