Learning to Advocate for Myself Has Been a Journey

July 1, 2021

Learning to advocate for myself has been a journey and a half.

Learning to be unapologetic about what I want and need, what I’m no longer willing to tolerate because it feels harmful to my heart, and using my voice in ways I never have before has been challenging to say the least. Being visible and taking up space has left me—quite literally at times—shaking uncontrollably in my boots (or flippy flops).

But I’m growing more steady in it every day.

It’s not without tears or terror and frustration, but I’m learning. And inside of it, I’m learning that the more we advocate for ourselves, the more we attract the sweetest humans who do the same—often in the most unexpected of places.

Today I’m feeling loved and supported in ways I frankly didn’t expect but advocated for more loudly than ever. And I’m grateful for these humans that have been holding my hand when they could have easily ignored or dismissed me.

Use your voice and advocate for your needs, even when it’s scary and hard.

That’s how you attract more people who will happily and lovingly do the same.

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