These Things DON’T Determine Your Worth in the Business World

June 24, 2021

As a novice entrepreneur, it’s so easy to feel out of place.

Considering the number of photos you scroll by daily showing people who “made it” out there, it doesn’t take much before concluding you’re the biggest failure ever.

But before you let that impostor syndrome knock you down, you should know there are more than a few things that absolutely DO NOT determine your worth in the business world… regardless of everything you see and hear. 

Things that DON’T determine your worth:

1. Your social media following

A large social media following used to be the epitome of success.

However, let me say that again—used to be.

Nowadays, it’s more about the quality of your followers than the quantity. The truth is, you could have thousands of followers and still have no one sign up for one of your offers.

Instead of focusing on vanity metrics, aim your attention towards building and serving your community. It’s the only thing that doesn’t go unnoticed!

2. The size—or look!—of your office

Let’s be real: everyone loves looking at those picture-perfect offices on Pinterest. Paper-white walls paired with rosè bullet journals and gold stationery… and there’s nothing wrong with that!

However, don’t let your setup in the kitchen or the desk in your basement make you feel inadequate, as if you’re not running a “real” business. One of my earliest offices when starting my first design business was literally in a closet for a minute… and it wasn’t a walk in!

There are tons of ways to make your working area more appealing without over-stretching your budget (fresh flowers make a world of a difference!) But if you’re just starting out, don’t worry about making it look perfect.

Instead, make your little office corner neat and functional. You have all the time in the world to take care of the rest!

3. Your current job 

Are you starting your own business while keeping your 9-to-5? There’s no shame in that!

Actually, this type of arrangement works wonders for most people: there’s a safety net to fall back into which gives most people the confidence to do the leap. I mean, the risk is certainly minimized! Plus, you don’t have to make money, which means your sales won’t come from a place of desperation.

Even if you’re not currently where you want to be with your own company, don’t let that discourage you. Not everyone is in a position to fully focus on their biz right away!

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t make it. Actually, with the right mindset, some proper time management tools, and a sprinkle of determination, there’s nothing you can’t do!

4. The hours you spend working 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work building a brand from the ground up.

But working yourself to death leads to one thing only, and that’s definitely not success; it’s burnout.

Remember, you’re building your own business so you could live life on your own terms, not to spend all your waking time grinding hard.

What’s more, working smart beats working hard any single day. Remember, working smart is what gets you places!

Prioritizing tasks, setting realistic goals, and keeping wary of your work-life balance (the scale tips easily sometimes!) is what’s going to help you play and win this game in the long run.

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What’s the one thing that throws your confidence off balance when it comes to running your business?

Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear your story!

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