Possibility Is Not a Promise

March 21, 2017

The last few months have taught me the art of letting go in really big, powerful, and truly heartbreaking ways… and something has been weighing on my heart that I want to talk to you about today.


I’m someone who believes anything is possible… anything that you can envision for yourself and your life is 100% possible. That’s a fact. But there’s a common misconception about possibility that even I fall victim to. And it’s this:

Possibility is not a promise.
It’s a call to action.

Possibility can feel really real and tangible and true because it is… but it’s not reality in this moment. It exists on the other side of very specific choices. At the end of very clear set of actions. After a heap of challenging, and sometimes painfully hard, inner and outer work.

If you can see it… yes, it’s yours for the taking.
But only if you’re willing to do the real work.

And the really important piece:
The work isn’t always what you think it is.

You might think to yourself or preach to others, “you just have to believe you can do it,” or, “you just have to want it!” But it’s not that simple.

It’s not enough to want it or believe it’s possible.

Between where you stand now and where possibility becomes reality can be lot of hard work that may look nothing like you think it should. Work that requires you to take a good, hard, honest look at yourself and your patterns. To let go of the parts that cause you to continually play small. Work that asks you to make actual, long-lasting changes. To choose a new way of being. A new perspective. A new set of values.

And you have to decide if it’s worth that work.
A lot of the time, it absolutely is.

But, truth be told, sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s not worth changing who you are or learning a new way of being. Because sometimes, when you let go of the possibility you held for your future, you see a whole new realm of possibility that takes your breath away. That feels more fully aligned with who you are at your core. With who you want to be in the world, and how you want to operate. That fits within your current values… values you don’t want to change. A new possibility that requires a set of choices you’re willing to make, and a path you’re happy to walk.

Possibility is not a promise.
It’s a call to action.

YOU decide if it’s worth choosing.

If it is… take those actions, even if they’re not what you think they should be. And if it’s not? Let it go. Fully and completely, to create the space for a new possibility that’s truly aligned with what your heart desires.

And lastly, one important note: if the possibility you hold requires someone to change who they are and what they believe, let it go.

You’re not in control of anyone other than yourself. It can only become a reality if you both chose the possibility that exists at the end of the same path. Sometimes you can… sometimes you can’t.

Possibility is not a promise.
Choose it fully and take action.
Or, let it go and invite in what’s next.

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