Fear Is a Liar

March 13, 2017

I once promised myself that if I ever got the chance to start over…
I would do it 100% my way.

If I ever found myself completely free and unattached again…
I would live a life that’s just for me.

And if I ever got to hit the reset button…
I would wipe the slate clean and leave it all behind me.

Screw the rules.
Screw what people think.
Screw the expectations.
Screw the societal standards.

The last two years were a tumultuous chapter that turned me inside out and upside down. And they were beautiful. Filled with more living, loving, laughing, and learning than any other season of my life… but they also gutted me more than anything ever has.

Mostly though, they set me free.

Free from a life and self and way of being that I could no longer sustain, a person I no longer wanted to be. Free from continually choosing a path that I never really desired in my heart, that was never really meant for me. Free from the expectations and obligations of people who don’t get me, who don’t see me and love me for who I am at my core. And free from a business, brand, and body of work that had run it’s course, that was ready to be put to bed.

Now I stand here on the other side of it all.
Free. Stripped to my core. And leaving it all behind me.

It’s a beautiful feeling.

It’s also terrifying. Because after we make big life altering decisions, fear shows up. Fear tells us we’re wrong and everything is awful and if we don’t reverse our decision the entire world will explode and we’ll end up broke and homeless and alone until the end of time… you know how it goes.

But here’s the thing…
Fear is a liar.

Fear will tell you whatever it takes to change your mind. Fear will give you only the best memories and thoughts about the things you left behind. Fear will spool up stories about chaos and wreckage that isn’t real, that will never happen. And fear will tell you that you’re never going to be able to step into what comes next, because it’s far too scary and different and unfamiliar.

Don’t trust fear.

Trust the you that made the decision.
Trust the you that chose truth and alignment.
Trust the you that finally knew enough was enough.
Trust the you that already knows there’s something better.
Trust the you that holds the vision of a beautiful and breathtaking future.

Trust the you that made the decision. And keep coming back to that trust as many times as it takes.

Transition and change are hard and scary.
Trust and faith is everything for moving into what’s next.

I believe in YOU and I believe in US.
We have a bright future ahead.
Trust in that.

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